• Do I really have to explain the word DRUG!

    Drug dosing is really bad for people, however it puts them to sleep when they break bones and ect! Their is a better way to actually get people to sleep! It's called numbing people. It gets them to sleep faster, drug free, and isn't painful! If we use that on more people, it will be easier to not be diagnosed by drugs! That's exactly why it should be legalized!

  • No, drug doping should not be legalized

    No, I do not think that drug doping should be legalized. I think that athletes who use drug doping are putting themselves at an advantage over those athletes who choose not to drug dope, and this unfair atmosphere gives the athlete who chose to participate in drug doping an unfair, unique upper hand.

  • No, it's cheating.

    No, I don't believe drug doping should be legalized. Drug doping is cheating in athletic sports. Lance Armstrong faces many charges from his cheating and drug doping. I don't see any sort of advantage in legalizing drug doping. It only encourages cheating behavior, and I don't see it being beneficial to the body.

  • No, athletics are a test of athletic prowess.

    Just as in arms races between competing countries, drug doping, and blood doping, similar ideas, only serve to create a "race" to who can perfect the serum, who can truly perfect their doping. And not only are these practices harmful to athletes, but to the notions of having fair conduct. Where is the justice in having unfair advantages? Well, if everyone does it, then there are not unfair advantages? No, it would just lead to more and more doping. And I believe casualties would be seen, not only the athletes, but loss of fans as well. Who could respect such a thing?

  • Laws should not help cheaters.

    I don't think that drug doping should be legalized because it just encourages the unhealthy lifestyle that goes along with injecting yourself full of harmful chemicals. The government would go so far as to legalize it in the Olympics as well. It wouldn't be fair to the competitors that don't want to harm themselves that way.

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