Should 10-year-olds be considered trustrworthy witnesses in a court of law?

  • Yes it depends

    I think that certain 10 year old should be considered trustworthy witnesses in a court of law. I think that it depends on the child. 10 year old children are not fully mature, and they do not fully understand many adult things. But they certain children are capable of being trustworthy witnesses.

  • Kids tell the truth.

    Well, we do always hear that kids are the most brutally honest humans on the planet. I think that for the most part, a ten year old testifying in court can be considered a trustworthy and reliable witness. It's up to the judge to more strictly moderate attorneys when a child is on the stand, though.

  • Yes, depending upon the case.

    If it is something that directly relates to how they have been treated or is something that they have seen with their own eyes, then ten year olds can be remarkably honest and candid about their experience. However, some thought should be given to the type of case it is so they are not pushed beyond what they can handle.

  • If not manipulated, yes.

    I do think a 10-year-old children can be a trustworthy witness in a courtroom as long as they have not been manipulated by either defendant. I think the child would be smart enough to understand that need to tell the truth regarding the person they are talking about and I feel it would be fine.

  • Children's Eyewitness Memory Not Trustworthy

    Children's eyewitness memory is not trustworthy in a court of law. ten-year-old children are still developing into adult cognitive abilities. Adolescence shapes a young person's brain. When children are young, they do not have the memory capabilities of adults, whose memory skills may be better developed. Children's memories of events can become distorted when they retell events. Therefore, ten-year-old children should not be considered trustworthy withnesses in a court of law.

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