• He has trolled all his debates.

    Every singe debate he has participated in, He has trolled the opponent. He has violated multiple terms of use through harassment, Racism, Sexual comments, Ect. He refuses to use this website as intended. He has not contributed to this website in any way. For these reasons, He should be banned.

  • He's a wonderful human being.

    Oh, Come on! His arguments are probably the most intellectual thing you could EVER send in a debate. Surely, Most people would give a detailed response, But 12Inch obviously knows his stuff. He probably has way too much time on his hands to spend it on this website, So giving simple responses would be the best options! He knows that the people who get offended by his responses wouldn't have understood the true elegance of his decisions he does daily. He is hands down one of the best people on this website, Why would you want to ban him?

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