• Distinguishing the significance (or non-significance) of the systematic foundation.

    Taking into consideration the idea that individuals have been categorized by age, a factor which obviously transcends one's control, it may be easier to identify the insensate establishment of which grade one is to be admitted into/how many years one may need to absorb necessary information. As in some cases we are able to see that a freshmen may face distress when put into a senior class, there are many exceptions; especially an existing, ambitious student who is ready to take on his/her life, starting with proper education which should be dispensed for the specific field of which he/she desires to put forth his/her endeavors. Therefore, one student may be able to accomplish twice as much in the same amount of time as another student. In my opinion, information of every kind should be incorporated into each year of learning, depending on the pace at which the student is able to work. If this involves eliminating 12th grade and asking schools to push themselves to help progress the student and allow them to get a head start on life, then so be it. High schools are supposed to allow young men and women to excel and strive for excellent success, not hold them back from achieving their goals. Finally (and frankly), the removal of this year would push others to work harder in realizing that their years of being spoon-fed are coming to an end. Independence would be a key concept presented to the young men and women through this idea.

    Therefore, I believe that 12th grade should be eliminated.

  • Senior year is unnecessary and can save many other things.

    First of all, kids buying less stuff for educational purposes in high school can save states up to $700 million and in that case could use that to raise teachers salary, or other good things. Second, many people suffer from senioritis, which is an actual mental disease that can give you bad feelings and thoughts because of senior year. Finally, people who say 11th graders don't have fully developed minds are so wrong. Brains of average teenager are almost always fully developed by Sophomore, AT THE MOST. Thank you for letting me state my fact-backed opinion.

  • A quality k through 11th grade is more valuable to society than a bad k through 12.

    Many Americans go out of their way to not pay taxes that go to schools. And too many schools are under funded at this point. Most Americans need their foundations in schooling more properly funded. There is an obvious bloat in subjects most won't need in the future and are hard to pass but so easily forgotten due to shallow teaching process. Better off learning it later optionally for those that need it so it can be taught correctly.

  • Yes it should

    It should because teens would have more freedom before collage. There are advantages to having 4 years over 3. Then again, there would be advantages to having 5 years over 4. You should get to spend time with family before you're shipped off to collage. There should be no 12th grade.

  • 12 Grade eliminated

    It should go because people need a little push to do thing becuase there is high % of people play on there phones and not doing there work. Plus there is more choose to other things than math scinece and eniglsh,eta. So i say that 12 grade be eliminated in high school

  • 12th Grade should not be eliminated.

    I believe 12th grade shouldn't be eliminated for the following reason:

    12th grade offers a chance for teenagers to phase out of high school and into college. Many schools offer college subjects in 12th grade and those classes allow for a taste of college. These topics often require 11th grade skills- if twelfth grade was eliminated then there would be two outcomes: (A) The districts would force these topics of Juniors, leaving them hopelessly confused and stressed along with the added stress of their SAT's. (B) The students would never get a feel for college classes and be overwhelmed by the difficulty of their subjects. It would leave them overly stressed and burned out about college, leading them to fail classes and drop out of college.

    For this reason, I believe that 12th grade should NOT be eliminated.

  • 12th grade should stay!

    Even though it is a time for kids to figure out what they do after high school it is important. I think getting it eliminated would just make America even more stupid then it is already. And think about it, free education for a whole extra year. Being lazy and wanting to get out of school is ridiculous!

  • Don't get rid of senior year

    I believe that getting rid of senior year would completely unbalance the education system. There are many hopes in the current public education system right now and thats what we should be focusing on. Cutting senior year would only put us deeper into the holes, we already have optional programs for students who choose to graduate early and other programs that allow students to take an extra year, "super senior." Therefore cutting Senior year out for the students that need 12 or even 13 will only put them at a disadvantage.

  • Lol what boys?

    Of course 12 should stay. I went to lieve with my perents for one mare yare. My perents love meh. They want meh to stik arouund for exxtra tiem. Pleusus ceep the tweelfv greader. Donut take meh away from meh perents. I am a gud dud. I luve dem. Plesus.

  • Do not get rid of senior year

    Even though most seniors do not have a full schedule of classes, it is still not uncommon for them to have all six (or more if the school has block schedule) classes. I am currently a junior and personally do not consider myself ready to go to college next year. Some students are really motivated and graduate high school after three years, but most do not. Also, many of the varsity sports teams at high schools are about 50% seniors. It would be awful to eliminate what most people to consider to be the best year of high school.

  • 12th Grade should stay.

    I believe that schools should continue 12th grade and add an optional 13th year for the following reasons.
    1. Some students are not prepared academically or emotionally for the stress of college even after 12th grade and require an extra year to prepare.

    2. Students brains have not yet fully developed by 11th grade and they would be horribly confused and depressed with SAT's and the following year the college workload.

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