• It develops the kids

    I believe that letting kids work small jobs under the supervision of adults is a good thing as long as they are not subject to any danger. It is also important that it doesn't interfere with school or their wellbeing.
    It is a good way of teaching them responsibility and some money management.

  • I think they should have jobs

    Teens should have the right to choose to get a job because I think some teens will like to have a work experiment and I think it would be good for them to work independently by themselves. If laws let them It will be good for them. So, Let them have Jobs!

  • Just my Opinion

    I believe they should not because 13-16 year olds are still going through HEAVY changed to their body and mood, And work stress shouldn't be weighing on them, What 13-16 year olds should be worrying about is.
    Major: School e. G. Mathematics, Science, ENGLISH SO THEY CAN DO INTERVIEWS, And most of all Puberty education and Social skills so again INTERVIEWS.
    Minor things: Increasing basic life knowledge, Just being a kid.
    I think, Ultimately: NO.

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