Should 14-year old kids get to work more hours.

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  • Kids need money

    They need the money for there car, clothes, food, things they want like games, electronics, etc you know now things this generation everyone needs money to do something so we should at least give kids a chance to play ketchup as well. Sorry fellas i think this side wins this time

  • Should be allowed, but not forced

    Kids want the job opportunity, they can go out and get one. But they have to be the one who wants it, the parent can't force them to go out and work. The kid can work as long as they WANT -- it's a free country! They can't be MADE to work whatsoever. They can even be encouraged into it, but there should be no requirement, even by the parent.

  • They are responsible enough

    When you are 14, you are no longer a little kid. You know your limits, and are responsible enough to handle school and work. If a 14 year old wants to get a job, I say go for it! It is good practice for university and college when balancing school and work is your life.

  • Focus on being a kid

    Kids need to focus on being a kid because they have their whole life in front of them to work. Fourteen year old kids should only be allowed to "job shadow" in career interest areas if they want to experience the world of work. If kids want to more active and involved an alternative option would be to get involved in more extra curricular school activities.

  • Of course not

    14-year old kids should definetly not be getting jobs or working. I think jobs are good for not letting 14-year old kids work more hours. You will get stressed. Then you will start worrying more about working than your academics.Finally you WILL be much more likely to dropout! You might say I won't drop-out but 9 times out of 10 you'll pick working rather than to go to school.

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