Should 14-year-olds be able to vote in provincial and federal elections?

  • 14 Year Olds Should Have The Same Rights As Everyone Else.

    There Are People Out There That Are Much Worse Than Any 14 Year Old Could Be I Mean COME ON! There Is Literally A Nazi Party Of The USA That No One Even Cares To Mention About How Those People Shouldn't Be Allowed To Vote! And Finally Maybe There Should Be A Test Or Something To Decide If They Are Ready But I Believe They Should At Least Have A Chance.

  • Of course they should.

    14 year olds have the same rights as anyone else no matter their age. Age shouldn’t matter when it comes to voting as long as the 14 year olds that are voting are woke enough. You guys should rethink your decisions who voted no. 14 YEAR OLDS FOR THE VOTE!

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  • Encouraging younger voters encourages social responsibility

    We begin educating students about history, politics and social responsibility as soon as they enter high school. It makes sense that the point at which they become most educated about the system is the time when they begin to apply their learning. On a provincial level, they can see the legislation that affects them most directly. Some may even become interested in running for local office and participating in the development of their community. The federal election might inspire them to participate in legislation on a larger scale, seeing their involvement having a real effect on national events.

  • Nooo way in the world

    14 yr olds are irresponsible and immature they don't have the experience in life to make the right decisions and they also don't give a HYUGVUV at politics, Our country will collapse if they are allowed to vote and everything will bee destruction although im 14 i don't support us voting so take it from a 14 yr old :)

  • Fourteen Year Olds Should Stay Out of Elections

    No, a fourteen year old boy should not be allowed to vote in provincial and federal elections. A fourteen year old lacks the life experience necessary to make an informed vote. A fourteen year old's brain is still forming as well, and lacks the ability to make good judgment calls.

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