Should 15 year old boys be given practical sex ed. lessons?

  • They're going to learn it from somewhere

    Not too long ago, I worked for a text message service that provided answers to questions. Pretty much anything you could think of, we were asked it. And because we were semi-anonymous, users asked us a lot of questions about all things sex related. One thing I learned from that job is that teenage boys (and girls, for that matter) are completely clueless about sexual education in America. Whatever is being taught, if it's being taught, is just not working. More is needed, and if that includes practical demonstrations then let's do it. We can't afford the health crisis of keeping them ignorant.

  • Once you have talked about these private parts, students also need to know about how to use them

    You can not just understand a sensitive topic like sex without actually doing it. Although you may learn about it you can never understand how sex works. This is like saying it's easy to climb a mountain. You actually do not know unless you have tried to climb it( mountain)

  • Yes they should

    15 yr old boys need to understand how sex actually works. The long term effects behind it and how to prevent them. 15 yr old girls should want to as they probably will be going into relationships anyway. We need this in our school. Parents should be able to opt out thoight

  • We need to teach sex in a positive and healthy manner

    Practical sex education should start younger than that. We teach our children about everything else but adults are quick to shy away from sexual topics. Both parents and schools should be involved in sex education, to ensure that there are no secrets and that everything can be discussed openly. Children need to be brought up to view sex as positive and healthy, rather than being indoctrinated with the negative and shameful feelings that previous generation have grown up with.

  • I should say so!

    15 is probably too late: most boys will have been given their new toy two or more years earlier than this, and it is difficult to believe they will have left it in its packet, unused, since then. Nor are there instructions, or health warnings, printed on the side (not they would heed them in any case - it's a case of whipping it out and giving it a whirl - if all else fails, read the instructions. Schools are the place to receive this instruction: most parents are incompetent when it comes to teaching their children anything. A subject as important as sex should be an integral part of the curriculum for both sexes, and encompass all aspects, not least how to do it properly and safely. 12 upwards is probably the right age range, but as puberty strikes earlier and earlier, this can only be revised downwards. Starting at 15 is already a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

  • About time something that kids will actually need to know be taught in schools.

    Schools teach children about so many near worthless things. Few kids want to go be math teachers or even work in a math field, all they need is basic math. Not all students want to be writers, they don't need to take years of English classes. Students will almost certainly have sex in their lifetime, and schools fail to educate kids in this subject. I do believe that parents should have the right to opt-out their children with good reason (religious purposes, etc.) however under general circumstances, schools should be teaching this to students.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe it is important to give 15 year old boys practical sex education lessons. I think one thing that has been terribly overlooked in our youths population is talks about rape as well. There are several instances where young women falsely accuse young males of raping them. I think it is essential that we speaking vividly to our male youths on ways to avoid such problems in the future.

  • 15 Year-Old Boys Need Practical Sex Ed.

    Without a doubt, 15 year-old boys and girls should be given practical sexual education lessons. Kids in this age group need to understand the dangers and consequences of sex, especially unprotected sex. Most teens learn this lesson too late and wind up pregnant or with an STD, which is something we need to avoid.

  • Sure they should.

    15 year old boys should be given practical sex ed. lessons, and so should girls. This is a great age to start teaching teenagers about sex. They need to know how to practice safe sex and how to prevent STDs. This type of education should probably be taught even younger than 15.

  • 15 year old boys should be given practical sex ed. lessons.

    15 year old boys should be given practical sex ed. lessons. They should be taught appropriately the way sex is and I think this includes being taught everything about it. The more we teach them about the responsibility that they will face then the better the chance they will have in the real world to protect themselves.

  • Practical sex education is ultimately the responsibility of parents.

    Schools should participate in sex education to the extent that students are taught the anatomical, health, and procreation points of sex. Practical sex education, however, should be the responsibility of parents and administered on an "as needed" basis. Teaching students not just what sex is but how to do it is crossing the line from providing educational information to attempting to instill values.

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