• Choosing safety without abortion

    Even if you are fifteen the alternative would be to risk a pregnancy which either would decimate a young person's life and to end the pregnancy would be an abortion, if you think abortion is wrong you do not need convincing, but if you do not think so, it has been proven that abortion causes a vast variety of mental health problems and the anguish caused would haunt a fifteen-year-old, something that is much less preferable to plan b

  • Better than the tax payer supporting the 15 year old.

    I do not condone 15 year old girls having sex but they are going to do what they are going to do. Since many 15 year old girls are going to have sex, they should be responsible. The mourning after pill assures that they have the option of not getting pregnant and hurting their future.

  • Everyone gets access to whatever medicine they like

    Yes. Just yes, everyone gets to make the choice over what happens to their own bodies. Period, full stop. If a mother doesn't have the right to withdraw the continuous, conscious consent over the use of her own body, then you have given more rights to the fetus than you do to the host. Might as well just slap a leg iron on her and call her your slave. No one has the right to tell another person what happens within the confines of their skin, You want to end abortion, put some more funds towards mechanical uterine tank research.

  • Yes, even 15 year olds have the right to choose

    Yes, 15 year old girls should have access to the Plan B Morning After Pill. Even though they are minors, they should still have the right to choose what happens to their bodies. This pill can also ensure that one mistake does not drastically alter their lives, and it could help to prevent many teen pregnancies. However, it is still important for parents and schools to teach about contraception and safe sex.

  • No, It encourages underage sex

    No fifteen year olds should not have access to the morning after pill. The child should not even be having sex, Much less unprotected. If the child was to be raped, Then the parents should be notified so that proper legal action and/or pyscho-analysis can take place. By allowing children and way out they are not taking responsibility for their actions.

  • No Medications Without Parental Concent

    Birth control medications are understood to produce side effects in patients who use them. Younger people are likely to be more sensitive to the medications, if they haven't used similar ones, especially if they are still going through puberty. Some of these side effects involve mood swings, which teenagers already are likely to experience, during adolescence. No 15-year-old should be allowed to freely purchase a morning after pill of any kind, without their parent or guardian being present.

  • No, 15 year olds should not have access to the Plan B pill.

    I do not think that 15 year olds should have access to the Plan B Morning After pill. I think that allowing them to do so would be a bad idea for society. I think that parents should still have the right to whether their children have access to such medication.

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