Should 16-18 year olds work in care on apprenticeships/traineeships?

  • Yes, it is a good way to teach job skills.

    Yes, 16-18 year olds should work on apprenticeships and traineeships, because it is good for them to learn real-life skills. With apprenticeships, students can learn real world skills that can translate into immediate employment when they graduate. Students who still need to learn can have a chance to learn ways to make themselves viable when they enter the working world.

  • Yes they should.

    a 16 to 18 year old should be able to work in an apprenticeship or traineeship because this will give them a step up in the working world. They are already allowed to work in the United States at this age, so why should they be forced into spinning their wheels at a fast food joint. An apprenticeship would be much more useful.

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