• Yes of course

    Bascially if theyre old enough to make their own choices and live their own lives then they should have the right to vote for their country. Also why should they carry on paying their taxes when the government doesnt need to listen to their say. Therefore i strongly believe 16 year olds should be allowed to vote

  • The mental capacity of the brain of a teenager is not fully developed until the age of 25 according to the World Health Organisation

    "The brain isn't fully mature at 16, when we are allowed to drive, or at 18, when we are allowed to vote, or at 21, when we are allowed to drink, but closer to 25, when we are allowed to rent a car. " This is why they should not be allowed to vote.

  • If 16-year old's are allowed work, they should be allowed to vote!

    Teaching children at an early age regarding their environment and politics is an important part of growing up. I know 30 year men who should not be allowed to vote simply because of emotional immaturity and I also know young men who are very mature and should be allowed to vote. Educating the young is a great way to encourage them to be involved later on in life. If parents are engaged in voting, so should be their children.

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  • Yes they should

    The third and final reason why we should allow 16 year olds to vote is that they should be able to have the freedom of speech, and not freedom of speech in school, but the freedom of speech outside of school. Also, they teens are people to. The American Prospect says: “One good reason that kids should get to vote is that they are, after all, people. As people, they have interests; as citizens, they should be allowed to have their votes counted in defense of those interests. Indeed, a strict Lockean liberal accounting of politics, which stresses the interests and rights of individuals above all else, would probably go even further and demand voting rights from birth, with parents allowed to exercise the franchise for babies and small children until they are old enough to vote on their own. No, that wouldn’t give families “extra” votes—they would have as many votes as they have citizens. But when it comes to teenagers, it’s even more obvious that teens have, and can express, their interests. So why not through the vote?”

  • Yes, Votes for 16 year olds

    Because if 16 year olds can do all the other stuff adults can do like join the army, get married, have sex and much much more and by the age of 17 you can drive which are all things which are symbolic of adulthood. I think it should be changed

  • Yes, they should be allowed to vote.

    A sixteen year old should have the right to vote. If you think about it a sixteen year old is already allowed to do many things such as: get a job legally, get a driver's license, and some are allowed to get married with parental consent. Everyone who has a job has to get taxed including 16 and 17 year old kids, so why don't they get an opportunity to vote? We trust 16-17 year old kids to drive and yet they can't vote? And some parents trust them enough to have their own family, do they at least deserve the right to vote?

  • 100 percent yes!

    If 16 year olds are allowed to work and be taxed the same as adults are they should be able to vote in elections. At least make it to were only the people under 18 who work and are taxed can vote. It is a constitutional right! No taxation without representation.

  • Yes, teenagers who are the age of 16 should be able to vote.

    I think that teenagers who are 16+ should be able to vote because a lot of them have jobs, buy food and clothes for themselves which means they pay taxes in the store. Not only is it about taxes but many other political things such as creating more jobs for our youth and I think that teens should have a say in what our government will be.

  • Should we vote?

    I think that they should vote is because they take a lot of responsibilities . They also are very responsible because they have to pay for car insurance and all of the things to stay alive. Also when they turn 18 they have to move out. Also I think they should vote because they want to vote to make their dream come true if they want to vote. That is my reason why they should vote and supporting argument.

  • Aren't Mature Enough

    I believe that 16 yr old kids aren't mature enough to vote. I know first hand that they are lazy, and won't even clean their rooms. They pay attention to peer pressure, and peer pressure is, most of the time, bad.
    They don't know what it's like to own property be them selves, or pay taxes on that property. They aren't experienced enough. Adults have years of political learning to their benefit, and they aren't too lazy to research what is best for us, while on the other hand 16 yr old kids are lazy and busy with school.

  • It isn't a matter of age

    Or intelligence, it's simply the fact that people at 16/17-years-old don't have the emotional or mental maturity of someone 20-years-old. Their minds are still crazed with the chemicals of being a teenager. A 16-year-old can be very smart, but they won't think quite as straight as a full grown adult.

  • I am a teenager, but I do not support this

    18 year olds are allowed to vote. They can also join the military. My belief, is that if you are old enough to die for your country, then you are allowed to vote. 16-year olds cannot join the military, and should therefore not be able to vote. At 16, people are still considered children. That's science, not opinion.

  • Why not wait?

    It's not a big deal to wait until you're 18. Most people feel like 16 year-olds are being deprived of the chance to vote, but in reality they are only waiting two years. For those two years they can be learning about politics so they are ready to vote when they are 18.

  • 16 year olds should not be allowed to vote

    Regardless of how smart or intelligent a 16 year old may be, they should not be allowed to vote. The only people who should be allowed to vote are American Adult Citizens. If a 16 year old is allowed to change then the congress would have to change the law where 16 year olds are adults.

  • No 16 year old should not vote at 16

    16 year olds might be thinking it is a competition they should pick people that make smart choices. 16 year olds think it is about looks but it is not they should understand what they are voting for not just picking random people. 16 year olds should pick choices that should help our school

  • Pineapples are grown underground!

    I don't want to have to deal with listening when people talk about politics. And I think I speak for a lot of 16 year old when I say 'I'm really to lazy to get up and vote'. Most 16 year olds don't even like politics, so what would make people think we want to vote.

  • No, it should stay at 18.

    I am a 16 year old and I strongly feel that we are too easily persuaded by our friends and family to make a decision on our own. I know many people my age that would vote for some extremist parties just because they lack in knowledge of our diverse society. I realise we are able to do many other things that adults can but that doesn't mean we need to be able to vote too. Personally I wouldn't feel confident enough to vote because I don't think I know enough about the parties. In school we were never taught about politics and people need to understand that. The teachers will only teach their course so politics was never the topic of conversation.
    And yes, we are still children at 16. Many 16 year olds would disagree with me but we are still not able to buy alcohol or anything of that sort until we are 18. I think that once we are able to do everything, for example get married without parental consent, drink legally, smoke legally etc then and only then should we be able to vote, and all this happens at the age of 18.

  • No it shouldn't be allowed

    Aren't smart , don't live alone they don't know very much about politics
    and don't care to vote and could be wasting school time with waiting in line to vote on a school day. If they want to vote ask to have a school vote. It can prepare you for the actual election.

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