Should 1st time nonviolent offenders get probation?

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  • You need to tough on crime

    When make a criminal justice system, You need one that's fair and also punishes crime. Thus a harsh punishment shows the public that this specific thing is wrong and immoral. So if Probation can a take soft punishment on justice. Very much it depends on the crime, For example for rape, Probation a is poor sentence this is because for how much of an immoral action rape is, So a just punishment I feel would be life imprisonment or the death penalty. Because a one way for keeping the public after a crime has been committed is to ensure the criminal is away from or out public society especially if known to cause trouble or be dangerous. As if away from the public society it could give time for them to reflect and self-improve as well as possibly get help from their problems i. E. Mental health issues or addiction. Probation in could in a way be argued does that but it keeps in the criminal in public society but I feel it would to kept away so that in order to bet help if needed. There many reason and theories we people commit crimes. Some may commit crimes as they were raised and live on poor morals, Some may be desperate to provide from themselves or family and some may see crime as a escape from the poor and miserable lives. But it's important to have a criminal system that only tough but also keeps people safe and improve bad people who commit acts of immorality. Yes some action are more immoral than others so it best punish that the most immoral so this limiting not extending things such as probation.

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