Should 21 be the legal driving age around the world?

  • They should be allowed

    They should be allowed, because most people mature by 21. If you let a bunch of teenagers on the road, of course they will do something stupid. That is what teenagers do when they are given an opportunity to be free. Who do you think is more mature: a 15 year old or someone who is 2?

  • Stupid teenagers on the road

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  • 21 should be the legal driving age around the world.

    If the legal driving age is raised, there will be a large decrease in the number of traffic related accidents. The driving age should be raised and there should be more regulations in general governing driving licenses and driving laws. In this way, we can all be safer and have fewer risks.

  • No it should not

    If a person of 18 can go to military and die or as well as he can vote then why he is not allowed to drive
    Driving license should be based on the competitive and efficient driving skills,not on age.
    Most traffic accident happens because of people driving drunk, not for their age.

  • In the US distances are quite large especially on the west coast

    Unlike europe where everything is within walking distance and practically the only thing you need there is a bicycle or a scooter unless traveling outside the city. However here in the US neighborhoods, town centers, parks, schools (colleges) are all spread out and could only be reached efficiently by car. Therefore raising the driving age would screw things up for people that want to go straight to college after high school. By the way 18 is the legal driving age in most european countries. Some have 17 like germany i think not sure.

  • The driving age should not be raised to 21

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  • I strongly believe it shouldn't be raised to 21.

    It is just stupid to raise the driving age to 21 were basically telling our children they're not responsible enough to drive when they're responsible enough to drink and smoke and to live alone in they're own house.If you ask yourself this question the clear answer is to leave it the way it is.

  • Why should they?

    Seriously! Think about all of those people that are 18 and want to go to college and live on their own, now they have to wait another 3 years? Come on, let these kids grow up at least. They have already been raising it to 18 in some areas. I think that 18 should be the maximum minimum driving age, but 16 is better.

  • 21 is crazy $$$

    Why would it be that far. How are we supposed to get to work at 16 if we aren't allowed to drive. This wouldn't be good at all for people that are trying to be responsible. They won't be able to get they own house but they can't drive to it our from it.

  • The legal age to drive should not be risen

    Those who don't have a licence can't always rely on others to drive them to work and may be late a number of times, this can end up getting them fired. Also young adults going to university can't afford to catch a bus if they don't have a license. If those between the age of 16 to 20 don't have a license it can put a lot more pressure on parents to drive them to their desired destinations.

  • This is a terrible idea

    How would people get to work before 21? Bikes are a possibility but can you really expect every university to BIKE to work? People need to make a living and this wouldn't help. Studies show that 16-18 is perfect for new drivers to learn. This would be a huge mistake.

  • No it shouldnt

    In the US 21 would be a terrible time to give a person a license. That is the time they first get to have alcohol, if you throw driving into the mix it is going to cause a lot of problems. I could understand raising it to 18 so the teens are more mature, but 21 would be a disaster

  • 16 Is A Good Age

    I believe teenagers at sixteen years of age are at an appropriate place to learn how to drive and are capable of driving just fine. I think they still have to learn, but they must be afforded that opportunity. I believe driving at 21 years of age is a threshold that is far too high.

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