• 21 year olds should get married

    It doesn't matter how old you are if you're in love you're in love there's nothing that anyone can do about that if you want to get married then do it it's what you want not what others want for you. I don't understand why people of 21 getting married is a big deal it 's what they want they shouldn't be told otherwise

  • 21 year old should not get married.

    Now before I say that 21 year olds should not get married, let me just get my point across. When it comes to someone wanting to get married, they should be able to do whatever they want but they must realize what comes with getting married. They need to at least be responsible and have some sort of income to support them and their partner. Now as for me saying they should not get married, I am saying it in the sense that it should not be forced and also that 21 does seem a little young. They should mature as an adult more before doing something such as marriage. However, if they feel that it is right and can handle it then who are we to stop them.

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