• If you think your nine-year-old doesn't know what sex is, you're wrong.

    By the time I was seven, I knew just about everything: what sex was, how it was done, and how babies were made. Where did I learn all this? Not from the teacher, that's for sure; no, I learned from my friends. The thing is, I had the wrong idea about sex. I didn't know it was dangerous. I didn't know there could be consequences. And even though I would never have attempted it at such a young age -- I was much too scared of the unknown -- I personally know people who DID. Have sex. At age 9. And why? Because they didn't know enough about it -- they didn't learn about it at school, or from their parents, so they decided they had to find out for themselves. People say ignorance is bliss, but not when you're nine. When you're nine, ignorance is curiosity. And curiosity killed the cat.

  • Safe sex means a safer life.

    All around the world, people contract STD's and get pregnant early because they haven't been taught about having safe sex. People are always going to have sex. We need to teach our kids, in a world where sex is pushed in our faces, how have sex safely and what consent is.

  • It prevents uncertainty and risk

    We know 9 year olds aren't going to have sex. That's obvious. But when they are ready to, they need to be prepared. We don't want 9 year olds to start getting curious and google things that are false. There are so many things on the internet that are not true and can put the child in danger of being infected. It's better to start early.

  • Safe sex means a safer life.

    All around the world, people contract STD's and get pregnant early because they haven't been taught about having safe sex. People are always going to have sex. We need to teach our kids, in a world where sex is pushed in our faces, how have sex safely and what consent is.

  • Sex is natural

    Like birth and death, sex is a part of any biological creature's life. When ignorance is recast as "innocence" and praised, we hamstring our children's ability to understand the nature of life and their own bodies. The idea that kids grow up faster and faster is wrong. Kids used to grow up on farms where they observed animals having sex regularly.

  • They start teaching about the dangers of drugs at that age... Why not the dangers of sex too?

    I remember graduating from the DARE program as a 4th grader, where they taught us about drugs and how they can do bad things to our bodies. They didn't give us explicit details, just enough to prepare us to "Say No" and keep ourselves safe.

    Why shouldn't kids learn about sex in a similar manner? Of course, I believe that parents should initiate that conversation, but if they don't, how will the children learn? They'll learn about it from their friends or their older brothers and sisters. They won't learn about how it can harm their bodies' development or about STDs. They'll just know that there is something "cool" that they're "missing out on" and they'll be curious.

    I think it is okay for schools to teach about sex. It doesn't have to be explicit! Just the process of reproduction, what STDs are and how they harm people. Just enough so that they are prepared for the world.

  • Better to hear it from their parents.

    I learned about sex when I was in the 3rd grade by my own peers. I didn't learn about the dangers of STD's or how you could get a girl pregnant. I learned that Sex was fun and it felt great. I believe that the parents should be the first ones to introduce the topic of sex and puberty to their children. They should be properly educated so atleast they understand the risks. Better then to just let them act like they have no idea what it is when they go out and have it which is what many people do.

  • Yes, to an extent

    I think they should be taught sex to an extent. Maybe in way that a 9 year old would understand and not give it to them all at once. In short they should be starting to be introduced to sex, either way they will learn what it is sooner or later, so why not start now.

  • Their knowledge should be correct

    By the 4th grade, many kids already have some idea about how sex works and what it is. They mainly get this info from each other and the internet. This can lead to misconceptions about what sex is and how it works. Given that a 4th graders knowledge of sex is inevitable, we should at least make sure that it's correct.

  • Education is not a bad thing.

    They should be taught the importance of safe sex, but more importantly the human anatomy and how important each body part is. To not educate children in an area like this is just.... Not very responsible, and can lead to horrible consequences. There is nothing wrong with an education, as long as they 4th graders are not encouraged to be having sex until they're older and more mature.

  • That's child abuse

    Who in their right mind thinks a 9 year old should learn about sex? They don't know about that and they shouldn't. All they need to know is the very very basics of how a baby is made and puberty. That's it. Let's not encourage them to try anything by teaching them about condoms and birth control.

  • Keep our children innocent

    How many of you were taught sex at the age of 10? Every generation our children are growing up faster and faster and it is unfathomable to teach them such things at such a young age. Although many say knowing will keep them safe, I urge you to remember that knowing is half of enacting. 10 year olds are too young. The best things in life come to those who wait

  • They are too young.

    Their just 10-13 years old and learning about sex? That is just too young to be thought something like that. They should not get thought about condoms and birth control. And it would be horrible and more insults for 10 yr olds to throw.
    6 more words needed? No! Never!

  • Don't ruin your kids childhood.

    I am 4th grader myself and I just see in the future problems. I believe that at least one out of the 500 students would make a problem about it. Also, the students would just get terrible ideas. Just saying, nine to ten years of age to me is not the right time to learn about that stuff.

  • Maybe 6th grade, but not 4th

    4th grade seems kind of early for a kid to be learning about sex., and they are least likely to have it at that age, so the matter shouldn't be addressed. And at 9 years old, I'm fairly certain those kids have better things they would be doing. Of course, that depends on the type of environment they grow up in.

    Posted by: S.K
  • No way, this is way too young.

    I didn't know what intercourse was until science class when I was 12 or 13. 4th graders don't start puberty; it doesn't usually start until around 6th grade. If you think teaching primary school children sex won't make them actually have sex, there was such a case in Taiwan just a week or so ago. A girl and a boy somehow got access to a condom, opened their sex ed book and actually had sex in a toilet stall. Only when the girl eventually asked a teacher if getting semen on her hand would make her pregnant did the incident eventually come to light. Seriously, I agree they should be talking about how your body changes when you get to puberty or how to protect your body or stuff like that, but teaching them about intercourse is ridiculous. The only thing about sexual intercourse that should be taught - and that is in 6th grade at the earliest, when they've inevitably found out what sex is - is abstinence.

  • No, due to this generation.

    In this generation, i know 12 year old having sex, doing drugs and the age range is going to keep going down by each generations, do you want your 4th grade child to be having sex? Maybe by 6th grade you can explain to them what it is. All though they may know what it is judging by the movies we have, but your child's childhood is most important don't let them grow up so fast and ruin it

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