• Best of Both

    The 32 million UK women are the diverse majority, 51%, of the population, with 51% of life experience, talents and skills. Parliament should draw upon the widest possible pool of talent, including women. #5050Parliament asks for solutions to this historic problem, wanting men and women to forge the future together, equally.

  • A positive change!

    If more women been in parliament, things would be more effective. Basic biology and Religion is the seed to gender stereotypes. I thought this was the 21st Century? People should have gotten over gender roles. Although men and women are switching roles, society is still stuck in the 50's. Sad isn't it?

  • That Would Be Mental

    If fifty percent of women were in Parliament, that would be millions - far more than the current 650 MPs. Seriously though, if Labour have to introduce all-female shortlists, it's because they're admitting that the women they do have aren't good enough. But given that they include Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry, I'm not surprised.

  • Elect on merit, keep an eye on fairness.

    Getting elected should be on merits/votes, but what if we kept at least 60/40, and then if we got 61/39 then this sets a trigger warning and we have to adjust to ensure fair representation.

    Sometimes a man can represent women really well. Sometimes a woman can represent men really well.

    Sometimes people are trans. Sometimes people are gay/homosexual.

    People come in ma y flavours, not just male/female.

    60 women/40 men is no problem. Xx

  • It should be who is elected

    If not enough women try to join, or not enough are good enough that the people want them, you should not stop qualified men from joining parliament. Isn't that more sexist that not having an equal amount of men and women.If people could get into parliament just by being a women, many unqualified people would get in.

  • No, parliament should not be 50% women.

    Parliament should be separated however the people decide. Establishing a quota is a failure of allowing the most qualified people to be in charge. It is possible that some years more than 50% of parliament should be women. In other years it may go in a different direction. Establishing a parliament quota is not a good idea.

  • Equal rights does not mean entirely equal outcomes

    Women should be given equal rights, and given the right to compete with men in every field, but they should not be given an unfair advantage. Requiring political parties to run this many women no matter what is simply ridiculous and does not even guarantee women will have increasingly equal opportunities.

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