• Yes they should.

    50 somethings should be allowed to enroll in Medicare. I think that people who are older and need the health insurance then Medicare would be a wonderful thing and it would help people to better take care of themselves. Not to mention older generations need the health care more than some of us.

  • Yes, 50-somethings should be allowed to enroll in medicare.

    The 50s are when people really start facing the most significant health problems of their lives. Even those who have kept a healthy lifestyle their entire lives. Aside from this, I'm of mind that medicare should be extended to all Americans, not just those who have retired. It's for everyone's health.

  • No, the age for Medicare should not be lowered.

    The age for Medicare should not be lowered. Programs for older Americans (such as Social Security and Medicare) should be kept in tact, but the government can't financially support expansion of these programs. If an adult is needs based, he or she can still possibly qualify for Medicaid at any age, so there's really no need to open up Medicare to more people.

  • No, there aren't enough funds.

    It is hard enough to keep this program going for those age 65 and above. People in their 50's are not retired so there is no need for this spending of more money. And with the affordable care act in place they are going to be able to afford some sort of health insurance.

  • Medicare should be reserved for the old.

    I think that, other than disability, medicare should be reserved for those of a certain older and decrepit age. If 50 somethings were able to enroll in medicare then the whole system would bloat up even farther and many people who don't need it would be taking advantage of the system.

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