Should 6th grade be in elementary or middle school?

Asked by: hunterdahammah
  • I thing 6th grade should be in elementary school.

    I think 6th grade should be in elementary because it can be very scary for the sixth graders meeting new people. I am in 5th grade i think it will be scary for me because for me it is scary meeting new people. I am ready for 6th grade, and hopefully you are.

  • Yes they should

    They're still all little rugrats who can't be trusted around older middle school kids. Plus theres a lot of info they still need to learn before they move on to that level. I need to write more words so I'm just gonna ramble for a little while while while while.

  • They belong in elementary school

    OK, so I live on the island of Molokai, Hawaii, population 8,000. We have 4 elementary schools and 1 middle & high school on the same campus. Our elementary schools go from Kindergarten to 6th grade, while the middle school is 7-8th grade and high school is 9-12th grade. A lot of the schools off island and on the mainland end elementary with 5th grade and put 6th grade in middle school, which is where it’s officially categorized. I don’t know why they moved 6th grade to middle school at all. When you do that, there’s more of an age difference between grades at a time when kids are growing at there fastest. You could have a 4 ft. 6th grader scrapping a 6 ft. 8th grader for all god knows. Plus, the 6th graders belong in elementary school because they’re still immature. 6th graders (at least where I’m from) are such freaking hardheads (and so was I in 6th grade, not gonna lie). One time in 8th grade some 6th graders who were visiting the middle school were jumping up and hanging onto the windows and my teacher got PISSED at them. 6th grade should be moved out of middle school and back into elementary like us. We seem to be the only ones who have it laid out correctly.

  • 6th graders deserve to be in middle school.

    I say this because, 6th graders need to be in middle school. I mean why not? They can be exposed to how it will be when they become teenagers by the 7th and 8th graders. Theres more oppurtunity, Band, Choir, Drama club and more its just great to be in middle school and be influenced so much better! - Mrs, Watts

  • I think sixth graders should be in middle school

    I think they should be because they need a challenge and more opportunity's for interactive things like band, art, clubs, math team, and a lot of other things. They also need more of a challenge in their learning curriculum. Sixth graders should be in middle school to get more opportunity's.

  • Middle School's More Fun

    I am a 6th grade elementary school er so I may be invalid, but I hate this. Its so boring. We have to go to kindergarden presentations. Just imagine. Not only do we hate it, but it puts stress on little kids to. Why do we do this to the kids of this generation?

  • Middle school's great

    I think middle school is better for 6th graders. For me that was the year I matured and I needed a mature environment. You can't mix pre-teens with Kindergartners and first graders. Even in fifth grade I felt too old for elementary school. 6th graders are not little kids anymore: they are growing up into young adults.

  • The middle school exposure is great for 6th graders

    The middle school exposure is great for 6th graders and it helps them mature. Also 6th graders can look up to future generations and take an example from them. This opportunity helps them adjust to middle school at a younger age and also middle school's are more rigorous and educational than elementary schools. (better education at a younger age). Also what type of a 6th grader would like to stick around with kids from pre-school or kindergartners. There also seems to be an age difference if 6th graders are in elementary school. You could have a 2 ft preschooler scrapping a 4 ft 6th grader.

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