• They are not teen years.

    6th grade students are ages 11 and 12, They should be in Elementary schools, Even if they don't want to. It doesn't matter if kids complete elementary schools in 5th or 6th grade, It should always go K through 6. Between grades 6 and 7 should be allowed to take a year off from school and should wait until right after they turn 13 to start 7th grade.

  • They should've always been in Elementary Schools.

    All elementary schools in America, Maybe even almost all in the world should go K through 6 instead of just K through 5, Graduation at the end of school year should be for kids in 6th grade instead of 5th. Junior High and Middle schools, Which are the same thing should have a word replacement between them 2, The word Junior and last 3 letters in the word middle should be deleted and have the words high and mid go together by calling it Mid High School, Simply Mid High by making it only go 7th and 8th grade, Which is a 2 year school. Fall teachers conference week is Elementary and Middle Schools K through 8, It used to be 6th grade only in Middle School but now extended up to 8th, Unless they get rid of 6th grade and make it only go 7th and 8th by calling it Mid High.

  • 6th Graders ultimate do better in elementary school.

    I think 6th grade belongs in elementary school instead of middle school. I'm from Hawaii, And the state DOE officially classifies elementary school as K-6. But some elementary schools are starting to cut off at 5th grade now and put 6th grade in middle school, Which is a terrible idea. On Molokai, Where I live, There are four elementary schools that are K-6 and one middle & high school which share a campus but are considered separate schools (MS is 7-8, HS is 9-12). Let me tell you 6th grade was the last time I ever really enjoyed school. The main reason is because 6th grade was really the last year of my childhood. The way I see it, Once you leave elementary school your childhood is over. When I started 7th grade, A lot of unhappy changes came that really ruined school for me (I'll talk about that later). I did pull through eventually, But that unfortunately wasn't the case for everyone. The reason 6th graders do better in elementary is because well, They're only 11-12 years old, Not even teenagers yet, In both body and mind. The size difference in elementary grades are pretty consistent, Each year you get a little bigger. Once you get to middle school however, All that goes out the window. The middle school years are when students are growing and changing at their fastest rates, And putting elementary school rugrats into that setting can't be good. Not only would 6th graders physically be way smaller in middle school, But their minds aren't ready for it either. Juggling 6 classes of assignments and homework is a difficult thing to do, And I don't think you're ready for it until you're a teenager or at least about to become one. Not to mention your class gets about 4 times bigger, Which can be scary meeting all these new people. Your parents will also lose all their chill when it comes to your grades, Which also sucks. Also in middle school you start seeing a lot more kids who do illegal stuff, And try to get the younger kids to follow them. 6th graders aren't teenagers yet, So they still have that rugrat mindset, And I think they'd be a lot more likely to try these things if pressured to do so due to simple naivety. That's the worst of it, Putting 6th graders in middle school only makes them more likely to do dumb stuff, And that's the biggest reason 6th grade should stay in elementary school. Also some of these 6th graders can be really disrespectful and immature. One time in 8th grade some 6th graders came from an elementary school to tour the place and they were jumping around screaming in the hallways which was very irritating. They were acting like elementary kids, 'cause that's how their minds are naturally programmed. To me, Elementary school should be K-6, While secondary (middle/high) school should be 7-12. This way you have 1-6 and 7-12 half/half.

  • No, It's unnecessary.

    Back then years ago, You would stay in the same school until 8th grade but nowadays your beginning of middle school is either 5th grade or 6th grade (most likely). And it also kind of adds up the years of being in elementary school, Plus 6th graders could possibly bully younger children that are in like 3rd grade or something just because they think they are higher and better. Plus, (no categorizations of all kids) but 6th graders are bad influences on younger children. Another thing is, It's best to leave them in middle school because it would mean they are stuck in elementary school until they are like 12 or 13 which adds up the years of being in one catalog in school.

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