Should 6th graders be allowed to text during class?

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  • No there is no point.

    There is no point that a sixth grader should be texting during class unless contact a parent. I feel like if the parent really needed to relay a message then they could simply just call the school and they could do it for them. Texting in class is mainly disruptive.

  • No, 6th graders should not be allowed to text during class.

    No, 6th graders should not be allowed to text during class. 6th graders or any other grade students should not be able to text in class. The classroom is a place for learning, not socializing with your peers. Texting would just be another disturbance that the teacher has to deal with.,

  • It takes away from class.

    The only time I think students of ANY grade should be allowed to text if an emergency is pending. These emergencies do tend to happen, unfortunately, and texting is a decent and quick form of communication just to get some ones attention. But other then that, I do not think students should text during class.

  • No.6th gra time for texting.ders should not be allowed to text during class.

    It would be a very baad idea to allow 6th graders to text during class.They have enough distractions without adding texts to the mix.It has been shown learn the best when they are allowed to focus on one thing at a time which means texting should be banned from class until there is an appropriate

  • Children Should Not Text in Class

    No, sixth graders, nor any children, should not be allowed to text during class. Texting during class is analogous to passing notes during class. Both of these practices by children disrupt the learning environment and should not be allowed. While the punishments for either should not be severe, they should still not be allowed.

  • No, texting is inappropriate in class.

    Anyone in class should be banned from texting or talking, but especially those in the 6th grade. Phones should be kept out of sight and teachers should check that they are just there for emergencies. One can not text and be paying attention to what the teacher is saying or what the assignment is.

  • No, 6th graders should not be allowed to text in class.

    Texting during class should be forbidden for a number of reasons. It is as disruptive to the individual student’s learning as verbal conversation. Exchanging snide remarks about a teacher via texting generates disrespect for the teacher, while permitting students to text during class gives
    the impression that students don’t have to give the teacher their attention.
    Texting in class means that those who text learn less. Texting could be used to cheat on tests. And texting in class interferes with the students’ ability to learn effective oral communication in school. Texting should not be allowed in the classroom.

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