Should 7th and 8th graders be allowed to go home for lunch?

  • It can be more healthy

    A young teenager's body must have proper nutrition in order to grow properly. Many cafeterias in the public school system serve food with no nutritional value, such as chips and sodas. Don't get me wrong--I love my junk food every now and then, but schools should probably serve junk food once a week at most. When a teenager has the opportunity to go home and eat, they are not risking childhood obesity, sickness (as far as a wider spread of bacteria), or their physical state of being. Let me ask you something... Which is healthier: a salad or a brownie?

  • Yes because kids

    Need a break off of school and they can go home with there parents and tell them what they did in the second half of the school day. And plus parents are usually off work for a lunch break so why not spend it with them. And plus school lunches have bacteria and sometimes it can contain some bad things that parents do not want their child to eat. That is why I'm all for it.

  • Yes it should be allowed

    Why i think it should be allowed is because kids need a break of school and lunch time can be a break for us and why i think this because kids can get stressed out like me and i always want a break off of school and the teachers can get catch up on somethings int he class room

  • Why can't they?

    If a student is going home for lunch it gives them the time to regroup and get ready for the second half of there day. Kids at the end of middle school should have the choice to go home. Know there is pros and cons to everything so some people that say no have great reasons but personally kids should have the choice. If it takes too long make the school day longer.

  • Seventh and eighth graders should go home

    I think because they don't have enough time to eat at school, and the lunches are not often healthy. Also it wouldn't be a mandatory thing they could stay if they want. Parents are already away from their offices for the lunch break why not swing by and spend lunch with your family.

  • We are the leaders of the school.

    Yes because we have payed our dues in 5th and 6th grade at my school. We don't very healthy food or food people eat. I believe that it is only even that we get to go home for lunch. It could be more healthy and more economically reasonable. Why should we go hungry?

  • What is wrong with you guys?

    I honestly dont understand what the hell is wrong with people who say they should be able to go home during a school day. People need education, not the opportunity to go home and rant to their sad parents about how terrible school is. The creator of this opinion probably just wanted to get word out of school being terrible. Tell me, would you rather go to school for 14 years (which isn't that bad), or have an IQ of 40 at the age of 63?

  • No Home Lunch for 7th/8th Graders

    Seventh and eighth graders shouldn't be allowed to go home for lunch. Allowing this opportunity opens up the opportunity for too many problems to arise. Of course, schools would need to track their students to ensure that they're actually going home. That alone presents too much of a logistic problem.

  • They should not.

    7th and 8th graders should not be allowed to go home for lunch. It would be too much of a distraction for them to leave school, get home and then come back. That is something that should not be changed and left only to those students who are in high school.

  • Takes Too Long

    Seventh and eighth graders should not be allowed to go home for lunch because it takes too long. By the time they get home, it would be time to go back to school. High schoolers could leave for lunch because sometimes they have cars or afternoon jobs to attend to. Junior high kids should eat lunch on campus.

  • Seventh and eighth graders should not be allowed to go home for lunch.

    Seventh and eighth graders should not be allowed to go home for lunch. They cannot drive, so they would have to walk home or be picked up by their parents. This would lead to traffic jams and dangerous situations with the children walking home. Open lunch for kids this young is not a good idea.

  • 7th and 8th graders should not be allowed to go home for lunch.

    7th and 8th graders should not be allowed to go home for lunch. If they were allowed to drive then maybe I would support this. You are asking a lot from the working parents if you were to allow this to happen. There would also be the issue of being able to get them back to class on time.

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