• Its not the only 1

    The deaths of people at Sandy Hook, the movie theater in Colorado, and Virginia Tech are not holidays. Niether is the day the Titanic sunk. They aren't holidays despite the large loss of life. The Hindenburg?Nope. Holidays, if anything should be festive. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, they are, but making 9-11 a holiday is only going to bring grief to the people who lost family and friends. Veterans Day and memorials Day honor the men and women who taught for our freedom and the ones who are today, but its not based on a world disaster. Making 9-11 a holiday is wrong.

  • 9-11 is A Day of Remembrance

    Yes, I think 9-11 should be a day to remember. We should not celebrate, but recap on what happened on that day. If everyone had a day off, we have time to visit graves of loved ones who died on that day, or see people who were in the experience and be thankful that they weren't killed unlike others. All in all, i think we should have national holiday to remember the tragedy of 9-11.

  • Yes it should

    It should cause we lost a lot of loved ones, and 343 Firefighters. All the people that died were brothers, sisters, dads, uncles, and aunts. Plus I'm a Vol. FireFighter so all the 343 FireFighters were my Brothers, and Sisters in the Fire Dept. All over the world. So i Say YES IT SHOULD BE A NATIONAL HOLIDAY. To show our respect for all the loved ones averybody lost.

  • yes it should be

    A holiday is a day of celebration. It should be recognized with something happy and good, something positive. If you make 9/11 a holiday, I think you are sending the right message. We are here to remember those whom lost their lives, but it should be a celebration. It was a tragedy and yet an eye opener

  • Remember the People

    9-11 may be a sad and tragic day, but we should remember the people who passed on, on that tragic day. Yes, it may be a sad day, but we need a holiday to remember that we have to be careful, and that we have to be aware. People died on that day trying to save others. People who lost family and friends deserve time to visit their family and friend's grave on that day.

  • We should remember those who died.

    September 11th was a tragic day. Many people lost family members and as many as 10,000 children lost a parent. These people should mourn the family member who died instead of having to go to work or school. It should be a day to remember all of the people who died that tragic day.

  • It should be

    9-11 is a day worth remembering. People lost lives, families lost loved ones and they deserve that day to relax and remember the good times. Some people died trying to save others, and they dreserve to be remembered. 9-11 should be a holiday so families who lost loved ones can visit graves and share that time with the family. Some people have traditions that they do to honor the dead, they should have that day to do it.✴

  • It should be a day of remembrance:

    It's should be a day of remembrance. There were a lot of people who died, and a lot of people died trying to help others in the building. It should be a day of honor, and praying for the people who lost there lives. It shouldn't be a holiday to celebrate. It should be a day of remembering people who died.

  • I think it should

    9/11 is a day of grief and remembrance to the people who suffered on that day and still do today. I think that people shouldn't have to go to work/school on this day because no one wants to deal with all of that stress. Also, if anything happens again on this day (God forbid) people will be safer inside their homes than outside in buildings.

  • It is the right thing to do.

    It is one of the most hallowed days in our country and a date that is seared into the collective consciousness. It might make sense to make this a day of remembrance for victims of terrorism. 9/11 being one of the most recent and large scale examples but it would serve to honor victims of tragedy such as Oklahoma City, Columbine (and other school shootings), and countless other events that have harmed or killed our citizens throughout the years. It could also be a time to educate and focus on issues of safety and awareness in the public.

  • We will not be barbequing.

    Yes, we should remember this day. But civic holidays have a way of breaking down into days of picnicking and watching sports. On Veterans Day I like the idea that the veterans earned a day of freedom, why shouldn't they relax and spend time with the family they fought for, same for memorial day. But the victims in 9/11 were civilians, murder victims really, just on a mass scale. There's not a battle to commemorate. It had nothing to do with fighting for freedom. The remembrance of 9/11 should be somber and not celebratory.

  • 9/11 should not be a national holiday.

    A holiday is a day of celebration. It should be recognized with something happy and good, something positive. If you make 9/11 a holiday, I think you are sending the wrong message. We are here to remember those whom lost their lives, but it is not a celebration. It was a tragedy.

  • 9/11 isn't a celebration

    Holidays are suppose to be fun and happy, a time to relax and be joyful. That's not what 9/11 is about. It's a time to just stop and think about and appreciate where we are to be today and remember the terrible tragedy. I think we should just leave it as is.

  • Because it was a disaster

    While we all take a moment of silence, we shouldnt have a holiday dedicated to a tragedy its ridiculous to celebrate a national event that took the lives of thousands, christmas and valentines day are holidays, 9-11 should not be allowed to be made a holiday and stuff like that

  • If making people remember 9/11 is the reason to make it a national holiday, it's not necessary.

    How can the people not only in america but also from other countries around the world forget an event that shook the world. That day where the most powerful country was attacked by terrorists that killed many people, the 9/11. Compared to holidays like labor day and thanksgiving day, 9/11 is even more celebrated round the world. Thus, to make it a national holiday just to be remembered is useless.

  • Not worth it.

    This is pointless. How many holidays do you want? . And consider the damage and casualties, deaths in other parts of the world. The U.S makes a mountain out of a mould at times. Imagine how many national holidays Afghanistan, Palestine, Sudan, Iraq and other countries should have for the no. Of calamities and struggle they've been through. This is after all nothing compared to what some other countries out there are going through and really is not needed!.

  • Not a celebration

    9/11 is not a day to be celebrated, but remembered with sorrow and regret. Also the con had a great many more and much better arguments. That is just against the nature of the day, it is a day of sorrow prayer and remembrance, not for celebration and/ or happiness.

  • It is not a happy day

    I think 9/11 should definitely be something that is remembered, but holidays are usually days of the year that we celebrate, and we should not, in my opinion, celebrate. It should be remebered with sorrow and grief. It should be a day our prayers go out to those who lost loved ones that days. It should be remembered, but not celebrated.

  • No, but it should be remembered

    One way we could keep 9/11 on our minds so that nothing like that happens again would be to mandate schools deal with the issue on 9/11 every year. I feel we have enough holidays and days off as it is, but national recognition is more important. Do the same with December 7th as well to recognize Pearl Harbor. I know it is going down a slipper slope because some would argue where is the line drawn on what to recognize? I don't have an answer other than to say: 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. I welcome suggestions if I missed anything.

  • 9/11 Shouldnt be a Holiday

    Holidays are days of celebration and I believe that 9/11 is more like a day of remembrance of those that lost their life and those that were affected by the terrorist attack. In Canada there is a Remembrance day on November 11th in remembrance of all Canadian soldiers that fought in the World Wars, and to show respect for all people currently surviving in the Canadian military. It is not considered a holiday, but a day where all Canadians gather and pay respects to the contributions by those that served and are serving in the Canadian Military.

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San_9 says2013-09-12T10:19:29.350
It is not a holiday. We celebrate the victory of the Second World War just to remember those people who died on the battlefield and thank veterans for protecting our life. We do not celebrate it because people died.We should not celebrate the 9/11 because it seems like the blaspheme and immoral. It is the day wich taught people that terrorism is becoming really dangerous and strenght. We should remember all people who died in that day,but it can not be a holiday.