Should a 10 year old stay home alone and walk alone

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  • Responsible, musher, respectful.

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  • Yes, to a degree

    Depends on the neighborhood. If it is a safe one, then yes. If it is dangerous, then a it a no. If your neighborhood is safe but 10 miles or so from a dangerous one, that's your call. But in all again if its a safe neighbor hood, then yes. But teach them how to be safe, what to do when someone who they don't know tries to pick them up by asking for a password.

  • Yes they should

    10 year olds should be able to stay home alone because they need to learn responsibility for themselves. Plus they are not babies anymore they can handle themselves without there parents always by they're side. It really helps them learn that mommy and daddy can't do everything for there kids.

  • Yes they should

    Yes 10 year olds are not children they are mature tweens. 10 year olds are double digits, big kids. I think 10 year olds should have the freedom to do this. 10 year olds need to learn to be unattended start early, now or later. I vote now who agrees with me.

  • They are too young

    Ten year olds are too immature and cannot take care of themselves. What if they injure themselves? Who will be responsible? Their parents, of course, since they let the ten year olds stay at home, they must bear all responsibility, and if they don,t want to, they shouldn't let their ten year olds stay at home!

    A kid of at least 11 is responsible and strong enough to stay at home and walk alone.

  • No they shouldn't

    In Australia, it is actually a law that you have to be 13+ to stay home alone. Children can be cheeky and mysterious these days. They can have a play with matches or over dose themselves with medicine. Those who disagree- don't blame me if you come home from work and your house is in flames.

    10 year olds are still classified as children, not teens.

    Crime is getting more and more popular each day with murders, stealing and rapping. It is especially important that girls are aware of who and what is out there. People can have sick minds and it is in your best interest to look after your kids.

    I am a 14 year old girl in Australia and I walk down to the basketball courts ever day. Unlike America we don't have guns so there are less deaths. My street is quiet and are neighbors are lovely, so that is why mum gives me permission to walk to the courts.

    I believe 10 year olds shouldn't be walking home by themselves or staying at home by themselves. It's okay walking home with a friend, but not on your own. And it is law not to stay home alone until your 13.

  • Eh not really

    You should at least be 12 to stay home alone. Well maybe 11 to stay home alone by your self. To babysit your siblings home alone you should at least be 12. It should not be 10 becuase they are not big enough and can't defend him/herself if a bad guy takes him/her. It is his/her parents choice though.

  • No! Absolutely NOT!

    Sometimes, children can't think quickly on their feet which leads to stress and tension. If something bad happens, the child might not be able to think quickly on what to do. What if a murderer comes and the child doesn't know where to hide fast.
    They also don't have supervision over themselves and they have the POWER to do anything they WANT!
    So, I absolutely disagree with this.

  • No absolutely not

    No they are not mature. They are a young child. They attend junior school. I have 5 children up to the age of 21. They do not have to learn to be responsible for not being snatched off the street at 10 years old. Parents should be responsible and to realise that a 10 year old is a child. My son is 9 is that ok??? No so nor is 10!!!! Give them half a chance of not getting run over, snatched, burning the house down trying to cook and wait at least till senior school age!!!! Why put a CHILD at risk. Also working in a school gives me knowledge. They are babies still not the adults u want them to be so soon.

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Scarletphantomxx says2015-04-14T11:37:00.283
Depends where you live. If you live in a pure, country lead by an intelligent man such as NZ then it is ok. If you live in India or Argentina then you best wait for a parent to pick you up o3o