• At least! Maybe $25.

    $15 an hour is not enough money to live on! I think minimum wage should be more like $25 an hour. Either that or food and housing should be legal rights instead of commodities. Gh ghj gj jgkj kjk oiuo ojuiou ojuojljkl akjsjdskd dsfkidgfshjfkgh dfkghdfkghdfkghdrfkgh drfsgkhdfkghdfkghdfkghdfkhgkdhfgkdrfhgkhfdkdhfkdfghfgkdgfhgfk dfkjghkdf drfkghkdfhg dfkhgkh ggggghg.

  • Yes please I would really like it!

    When i get a job i want to be payed lots and lots of moneys becawse i love to get money like my dad. My dad is a “bio enginer” i think? All I know is he gets payed much moneys and he cood be rich like mr krabs! I want to be like him and payed money. Increased pay will do that becawse then i get more money of course!

  • We all love feeling like saints but everything comes with a price and this is not a price worth paying

    First, I want you to imagine being, For example, A pharmacy technician. To become a pharmacy technician you need to finish high school, Get a high school diploma, Go to college and write an exam to certify that you have worked hard enough to become a pharmacy technician. Yet, You only earn around $15. 34 per hour. Now, Minimum wage goes up and suddenly all the cashiers, Dry-cleaning workers and models earn just as much as you. Of course, Many of these will come from poor families and could use the money, But just as many will be high-school dropouts that couldn't be bothered to get an education. Suddenly college students that are just working part-time to save up some money are earning just as much as you. You, Somebody who spent (and paid) three years in college and had to study hard to pass state requirements to become a pharmaceutical technician. Now, Why would you do that if you could have it much easier working as a cashier and earning the same amount of money? Why would you spend so much on college, Books, Accommodation when you could have it so much easier and earn just as much money, Maybe even more, Working full time as a cashier instead of going to college? Putting up minimum wage this high will remove the incentive for people to go to college and get a medium-wage profession when they could make money for 3 more years in a much less academically demanding job. The US is a capitalist country and capitalism lives from the competition. And if you do want to take a step in the more left direction, Don't start with raising the minimum wage. Offer more council housing, Set up more soup kitchens, Enforce a stronger system to get kids off of the street. Those things will benefit the people who need it but won't reduce the competition in the economy. And besides, Sure, The school dropouts will claim their minimum wage but employers will still continue exploiting immigrants and people living in absolute poverty, No matter what the law says.

  • Increasing minimum wage does more harm than good.

    First of all, Minimum wage is not meant to be a living wage, It's meant to be a starting wage. It's meant to help people get on their feet so they have enough money to start a career. It's not a wage they can live their whole lives on. Second, It does more harm than good. Raising minimum wage could result in employees being laid off due to employers not being able to afford the labor. I know because it's happened to me before. Have you seen those new order kiosks at fast food restaurants? That's why they're there. They were put there to replace human cashiers. Lastly, Raising minimum wage is not fair to people who have worked hard to get comfortable jobs. The more minimum wage is raised, The closer the deadbeat McDonald's burger flipper who didn't finish high school is to being paid the same as someone who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a college degree and years of working their way up the ladder to achieve a comfortable office position. To some of you, That may seem like quite a stretch from $15 minimum wage, But that is only the beginning. The more it's raised, The more people will ask for.

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