Should a 15 year-old Saudi Arabian boy be exectued for attending a protest?

  • Within basic reason

    If you're protesting taxes then no, but if you're protesting antiterrorism then I'll sign the bill. All people need to either stand for their beliefs or not. If our hypothetical child was a Islamic extremist then due to his age I would give him a chance to renounce thus view, but if he refused. People can protest any thing if I started a group advocating the use of concentration camps on all peoples who fail a IQ test and get support and leverage, then I would die.

  • No, execution is never an option.

    No, we don't have right to kill people. Also, as long as there is no violence involved, attending a protest shouldn't be a crime at all. The death penalty may be an argument for serious crimes like murder, but it sickens me to even consider it an option for a child that attended to a mere protest.

  • No Execution for Attending a Protest

    I don't feel that age is an issue in this debate. No one should be executed for attending a protest. There are probably a lot of different rules, laws, and regulations in other countries but everyone should be entitled to be present at an event that supports their point of view or beliefs. If the young boys attends and holds a sign sharing his opinion, what harm has he done? Starting violent actions that harm or kill people may be grounds for punishment but executing anyone for being in attendance at a protest is too extreme.

  • No, a 15 year-old Saudi Arabian boy should not be executed for attending a protest.

    No, a 15 year-old Saudi Arabian boy should not be executed for attending a protest. It is clear that Saudi Arabia and the middle east region of the world is an entirely different culture from America. That does not excuse the idea that anyone, especially a 15 year-old child, should be killed for protesting, or what is essentially voicing an opinion. It is a sad practice of these regions to stifle and persecute freedom of expression.

  • 15 Year-Old Boy

    The execution of any individual is not only murder, but is completely unethical and inhumane. Disregarding a human being's life because they participate in an activity that is not socially acceptable is cruel. There are no excuses for voluntary deaths, especially when those deaths are completed in a violent way.

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