Should a 60-year-old couple be able to have IVF to have a baby?

  • Yes, a 60-year old couple should be able to use ivf to have a child

    We are living longer and healthier lives thanks to modern medicine. No t one single person on this earth has any guarantee they will still be here tomorrow. All any of us has is today. Should we live just waiting to die? Are you God? It is a personal decision and a basic human right. I can think of many advantages to having financially secure and emotionally mature parents.

  • Well, from a legal standpoint...

    The answer would be yes. The right to reproduce unimpeded is generally believed to be a fundamental human right, however, I'd first question whether it's even medically realistic. Secondly, from a personal perspective, I'd say it's a fairly questionable choice.

    What will happen to the child if the parents pass away or become otherwise incapacitated before the child is of age? That is certainly a realistic possibility? Older adult children nearing retirement themselves may not want to be strapped down to a sibling 40 years their senior.

    Any elder thinking about doing this should really take a long, hard look at the overcrowded American Foster Care system, too. There may be an older child already born into the world in need of love and guidance.

  • Elderly couples should be able to use IVF to have a baby.

    Elderly couples should most definitely be granted the opportunity to utilize and IVF procedure if they want to have another child. Senior citizens are already awarded a number of benefits thanks to old age. They are awarded discounts as well as other benefits, and the choice to have another child should also be granted for them. It is their choice, and they have most definitely earned the right to decide if they want to continue expanding their family.

  • A 60 year old couple should not be able to use in vitro fertilization to have a baby.

    A 60 year old couple should not be able to use in vitro fertilization to have a baby. When you are that old, you have had plenty of time to have a child with someone. You are also messing up the child's future because his parents will die maybe even before he graduates high school.

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