Should a balanced budget amendment be introduced?

  • Though what would it say?

    People don't really understand that balancing the budget would mean drastic cuts to so many things they take for granted, assuming that someone else would bear the cost of said cuts. The budget should be balanced, and we are far too reliant on debt overall, but would people truly support it?

  • Yes, it's the way to go.

    As a frugal person myself who always balances the household budget, I do not understand why government does not work in the same manner. I would support a balanced budget amendment or at least one that brings us closer to balance, even if we have to lessen the spending for defense.

  • Yes it should

    Something needs to be done about the budget of this country. I think that a balanced budget amendment would be something that would be beneficial. We need to start doing something about the budget. We can't keep raising the debt ceiling and or ignoring our problems. Something needs to happen with the budget.

  • Yes, it should.

    The government needs to do a combination of tax hikes on the rich and a reduction of welfare benefits. In doing this a balanced budget should then be introduced. It should include paying back some debt every year so we can become financially independent. China is holding to much of our debt.

  • A balanced budget amendment should be introduced.

    A balanced budget amendment should be introduced into congress. It is important for our nation to have a balanced budget in order for the economy to remain stable. Voters would support such an amendment because of recent fears over the debt cealing and the chaos caused by the government shutdown.

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