Should a Berlin-type wall be built around the border of Mexico to stop illegal immigration?

Asked by: thedon22
  • Duh, of course

    A nation without defined borders is a nation that's doomed to fail. For one, its not just Mexicans crossing over to pick crops. We also have Islamic terrorists crossing our border. Its a major security threat if we don't have a border wall to keep as many unwanted people out as possible. I say erect a wall, put guards on top and shoot any who dare cross it. That'll fix the problem...

  • It would be a major help on multiple levels.

    The U.S. Has been tormented by illegal immigration and the cartel for generations. All of the cocaine comes from south america and is muled and carried into the United States through the usage of illegal immigration. The cartels are a powerful fighting force that not only rivals that of Al-qaeda and other terrorist groups, but works with them by taking on shipments of opium from Pakistan on top of cocaine that is already being shipped into the United States. The majority of violent crime is committed by illegal immigrants south of the border that are connected by the cartel, such as street gangs. This has costed the government billions in patrolling the border and fighting the war on drugs. Not only that, but on a smaller scale the United States is losing it's own culture. Illegal immigrants are undocumented so they do not pay taxes, and some even go to public schools being paid for by hard working American's tax dollars, which is a major tax increase considering the school system spends on average $7,000 per child. And taxes hurt our already fragile and recovering economy. This forced assimilation hurts not only the average American, but their families as well. Considering that ALL of the opium, heroine, and cocaine (which can be turned into crack-cocaine) comes from south of the border, many of America's young are exposed to this, and are hurt. Drugs lead to addiction, addiction leads to arrest, and arrest leads to higher taxes. Also more drugs equal more violence which also leads to higher crime rate and increased taxes. There is one simple solution, build a wall. During the Cold War East Berlin managed to keep millions from escaping into West Berlin. This wall was extremely effective. Before the wall though there was a fence that people crossed through frequently (Much like the fence we have on the border today). But with the erection of the wall, fewer than 5,000 managed to escape. And hundreds were stopped at the scene. Building this wall would not only create thousands of jobs for American's building and maintaining the wall, but also majorly decrease the violent crime rate and drug related crime rates. The biggest effect would that there would be however is putting a complete stop to the war on drugs. This wall would completely cut off supply routes for the drug trade not only stopping revenue to the cartel, but halt a major amount of revenue to the terrorists that are supplying them with opium from the middle east. So not only would the wall win the war on drugs, but put a major dent in the war on terror.

  • No reason not to

    Common sense. Protect Sovereign country. Won't have to spend all the money on deportations. Security: keep people that are criminals or in gangs. Security again: real middle eastern terrorist could come up this way. I can't think of any reason to not to except for optics as they say in politics :)

  • Yes build the wall

    My topic is Should a wall be built between Canada and the U.S and Mexico and the US to keep out all suspected terrorists entering the U.S illegally? I believe that a wall should be built because illegal immigrants are freely entering our country. In this case these people can be terrorists coming into our country. It’s a major security threat if we don't have a border wall to keep as many unwanted people out as possible. My research was found on a debate website called This helped me understand both sides of someones view on buliding a wall.

    Illegal immigrants are drawn towards jobs. People that want work to be done for cheap money will hire this illegal immigrants. There is many reasons this is bad. One, it is illegal to have illegal immigrants working for you. Two, It is taking jobs from people that live in the US and are not illegal, and three, these illegal immigrants are getting jobs and getting paid while they are not allowed to be in the U.S, if they are illegal. So, basically they are making money for crossing the border. I believe that we should tighten border security because some many illegal immigrants are coming into this country which is against the law and most of them are getting away with it. To me they are criminals because they know it is against the law to cross the border and some people do it more than once. I believe they should not be able to stay in the U.S if they cannot understand one main law that we have. They should not be able to become a U.S citizen if they have been caught crossing the border. I also believe that each state needs to take action because this is a whole country threat.

  • Use common sense

    You people just memorize facts from I'm right.Com. Yes building a wall won't solve the problem but it will most certainly help. It's like locking your door. Won't stop an intruder but is good deterrent. Bottom line we need to do everything in are power to minimize illegal immigration, drugs entering U.S., and guns entering Mexico.

    Posted by: RA90
  • Trump is more than amazing

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  • Donald Trump's Wall

    WE NEED A WALL! Yes it will cost a lot of money but the mexicans take billions and billions of dollars from us each year. They come here illegally and we give them everything they want and need. No wonder the US is in debt. Vote Donald Trump right now.

  • Of course we should

    You bleeding heart babies. Protect ourselves first. Why are we always helping everyone else first. Take a look at our country and the help it needs. Money isn't an issue with building it. We have spent and lost more due to illegal immigration. Quit crying and build the damn wall.

  • The US is losing money

    Due to the illegal immigrants coming to the US they use our food, health services, and they send money to their familys. This is one of the reasons by the US is in Debt. The money we lose by building the wall we will gain back by not losing any more money to illegal immigrants...

  • Does it even matter what I say to you? Will you listen to my words of wisdom? I doubt it but here goes nothing...

    It would be futile for me to try to persuade you to agree with me. Everyone here is too stubborn to actually keep an open mind to opposing arguments. So, I find it pointless to plead my case. Honestly, I don't really have a preference. I just felt it necessary to state my opinion about debates. I don't know about you, but I've never witnessed someone actually change sides during a debate. Or say, you know what, that person might be right. No one would ever admit to being wrong, so don't waste your time on this website. Instead, do something more enjoyable like take a hot bath or go for a walk.

  • Anyone that thinks building a wall is a solution to any problem has no concept of how reality works.

    First of all, this wall would cost time and money. Second of all, it would require an upkeep. Third of all, we have far more important matters. Orphans are living out on the streets, people are starving, animals are being slaughtered, people are working with a broken back. And some people think a wall will simply magically fix this problem? No, that's completely unrealistic. And finally, I saved this one for last, they would probably find a way over the wall anyway. So we wouldn't just simply be wasting our money on this, but it probably wouldn't fix anything either. Perhaps it's just from experience that I say this though, because from my experience anyone that came up building a wall as a solution to any problem never seemed to be too bright.

  • Are you kidding?

    With what money are we going to build and man a 1969 mile border? We already waste a few billion dollars a year deporting a whopping 4% of illegal immigrants.
    Besides, the wall would be useless. The design that was discussed can be defeated in under five minutes by a few guys with tin snips, and there are literally dozens of other ways to illegally enter America besides running over the border.

  • Keeping "them" out, or keeping us in?

    The experience with the Berlin wall proved that any such system advertized for the former purpose will inevitably be used for the latter. At the present moment there might not seem to be any real reason for the ruling class to use such force to keep Americans "in"; but that could change very quickly, given the speed at which authoritarianism is gaining momentum in this country. (Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are just the beginning). And needless to say, there are too many simpletonian bigots in the US cheering the authoritarians on.

    The claims being made by the authoritarian right and their zombified supporters that it would keep out the drug cartels is laughable at best. Large sections of the border have already been sealed off, and the cartels simply fly over it with an airplane or land a home-made submarine in florida.

    We simply cannot allow the authoritarians to exploit the ignorance of narrow-minded racists to turn America into a right-wing version of East Germany.

  • Great Wall of China *cough* America

    The Chinese built the monumental Great Wall, spanning across much of China's northern boarder, in the second century b.C.E. It eventually proved to be futile, as the Mongols simply went around the defensive line and invaded China anyway. Thus, any sort of barricade would not be too efficient, as Mexicans are sometimes called "wetbacks," and would likely enter the good 'ol 'merica by bypassing the wall and swimming over like the Cubans do, or come over in cargo containers, like Chinese did some time ago.

    All that a wall would do for America is make a few corporations rich. Just as the Chinese spent immeasurable expenditures on creating a great wall, so too would America. Although, the government here would contract the work out to a private firm, such as Halliburton. Just as the Iraq War, some would get quite wealthy off of our taxpayer dollars.

    Besides, a wall cannot prevent people that are already in a country to enter...It just cannot happen!!!

  • Hill the enviornment

    Studies have shown that if a wall is built many species and places will be affected largely in negative ways. For example many national park will be split by this wall causing limited bio and genetic diversity and will cause food sources and habitats of animals to be destroyed as well as losing a lot of money and hurting Mexican american relations.

  • The Wall is actually what is creating more Illegal Immigration.

    Before 1986, Undocumented migrants moved across the border to work when the economy was strong, contributing to the economy, and left when the economy got worse, lessening the strain on the services. 85% of the migrants went home after the first 6 years. After 1986, most undocumented migrants made a one way trip to America and planned to stay. This buildup got worse after the 2004 renovations. Currently, the illegal immigration is at a net zero. Meaning an equal amount of undocumented migrants are going back to Mexico than coming here. Increasing border security and making it more difficult will increase Illegal immigration. It's an endless cycle of adding more border security, which increases illegal immigration, which starts the process over again.

  • NO!!! There is literally no need to build a wall.

    Think of it like this: The money spent on building a useless wall around the borders of Mexico can be used to build the economy of America. Would it also be fair to waste money building a wall that can still be bombed down? No. Pay off America's debt first.

  • This is crazy

    We are one nation and we should stay together. We shouldn't let some old man separate us from other people around us. Also Building a wall/ fence would be very expensive and I can guaranty you that mexico is not going to pay and america should not have to pay

  • What message would we be sending if we did this?

    We're supposed to be a "united nation" that welcomes everyone into it. What message would we honesty be sending if we decide to make a wall to stop illegal immigration? Also, how can we even assume that this will stop illegal immigrants from coming into the country? We can't, so building this wall is extremely pointless and will only cause riots and a lot of retaliation. Honestly building this wall will only cause problems that we really don't need and can avoid if President elect Trump doesn't go through with this.

  • That's just stupid.

    It would take $25 billion dollars to make that wall. Plus, over forty percent of illegal imagrants travel by plane. A silly wall wont stop a plane. Besides, we already spent five billion dollars on a stupid fence on the mexico border. Its stupid to biuld a silly dumb wall.

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