Should a black owned bake shop be forced to make a cake with a burning cross and guys dressed in white sheets?

Asked by: Dr_Obvious
  • The answer is yes.

    Before you try to crucify me, hear me out. The reason I say yes is because a Christian bake shop was forced to bake a gay wedding cake, or go out of business. I don't see a difference between the two. As far as I know, neither cake breaks existing law. There is no legal reason not to bake them. I'm a firm believer in equal treatment under the law. If the situation applies to one business, it should apply to all, despite ones personal feelings or beliefs. Having said that, I believe that ones beliefs, religious or otherwise, should be respected regardless of whether you're an individual or a business owner. Both of these cases are taking away a persons ability to follow their conscience.

  • I agree with Dr_Obvious

    Discrimination is discrimination no matter who practices it. Business exist to serve the public. Perhaps a better question is why would someone who plainly dislikes blacks have a black owned bakery make a cake like that for them? If I was the one ordering that type of cake from a black owned bakery I would worry about what they might put in the cake. Also, I would not want to give them my money.

  • The Doctor seems confused.

    Gays and the KKK:

    The first group is a non-ideological group only based off of sexual preference and fight for their most basic rights to be recognized by the government as united under the law.

    The second group is a hate-filled ideology that tortured and murdered people out of prejudice and intolerance.

    To suggest that it's somehow equal under the law to say that homosexuals "terrorize" Christians in some equal way that the KKK terrorized black people is insensitive at BEST and a fumbling attempt to troll at worst.

    These two scenarios don't compare, and it's a lousy attempt to criminalize a group of people to further your own agenda.

  • I respectfully disagree

    I don't think either the Christian bake shop, nor the African American bake shop ought to be forced to do anything. If they receive federal funding then that's when I think the legalities would intervene, but they ought to run their shop the way they will unless it's a matter of basic necessities. That being said, if they're out of business because no customers wanted to purchase goods from their store then that's their own fault. Sadly, same goes with burning cross and guys dressed in white. Still there's a level of professionalism if you can conduct your trade without getting emotionally involved in it. Smile politely as ya take the racist's cash and let them know ya make a damn fine cake.

  • Dats Really Racist

    It's wrong to make African Americans bake a cake that shows that. If a christian owned a bakery where one cake decided whether or not they were staying in business, they should get a new job or start a new business. It's common sense that if one cake means that much, you are bad at what you do. So no, they shouldn't have to bake a cake

  • They can do what they want

    As a privately owned business, they have the right to bake what they want. It is a simply matter of commerce. If the company doesn't want to bake this cake, they can deny this person service. Nobody's conscience is being taken away, and this is protecting the beliefs of the black cake shop.

  • They don't have too!

    It's up to them to decide what cakes they want to bake. Any business has the right to refuse service to anyone, and if someone wanted to make a terribly racist cake, they don't have to make it! Someone who asks a black owned cake shop to make a cake with a burning cross and the KKK in it is extremely insensitive.

  • Refusal of service?

    To the best of my knowlege bussinesses have the right to refuse service to anyone right? So what is the problem? Why force a business to serve someone they do not want to? And besides wouldnt this help the racist agenda, in the sense that the kkk won a victory and has forced the black owned shop to obey?

  • Obviously, a charged statement.

    NO they shouldnt be forced to make that specific cake, becuase it spews forth images and intentional discrimination. YES they should be forced to make a cake for a white person if that cake is NORMAL, and not spewing hatred. You can make christian person make a cake that says, "Gay Pride" , but not one that says "Christ is a piece of poop" See the difference? One is POSITIVE, and one is extremely negative and discriminatory. To allow normal discrimination based upon "religious beliefs" is to invite back Jim Crow laws, Slavery, and apartheid. You can discriminate for MANY different reasons (person is an Ahole, cheap, unwilling to work with you etc.) but NEVER race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, etc. Its in the 1964 Civil Rights act, in the constitution, for Gods Sake!

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