Should a candidate for office have his or her military record examined more thoroughly by the media?

  • Candidate's Military Records should be examined

    A candidate's military record should be thoroughly reviewed because it will show what type of leader and qualities this person possessed in one of the toughest career professions in the world. It will also show if he is truthful, honest, and a hard worker. So every candidate should be thoroughly reviewed if they were in the military.

  • Yes, everything we can learn is fair game.

    Yes, a candidate for office can have his or her military record examined more thoroughly be the media, because when a person runs for office, their entire background is fair game. A public official's trust is very important to those they are serving. The person should be reviewed for their entire record, to make sure their service was admirable.

  • Yes, I believe Americans deserve to know the truth.

    I do believe that politicians who talk about their military records and use them as a selling point should be researched by the media. One example of this is John Kerry, who seemed to try to use his record as a veteran to gain votes. The media found out that things he was saying were likely not completely accurate. It not only helps us know about the candidate's past, but also whether or not we can trust them to run the country.

  • Military Records Are Private

    I do not believe that a candidate for office should have his/her military record examined more thoroughly, especially not by the media. Military records are private and are not available to private sector employers and should not be available to the media simply because someone is running for an office.

  • They should not.

    A candidate for office should not have his or hers military record examined more thoroughly by the media. The media has a tendency to blow things out of proportion. They are also very biased now a days, so if the candidate is not in their party, they will be portrayed badly.

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