Should a cemetery that's publicly funded have closing hours?

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  • It is a final resting place

    There should not be any closing hours in a cemetery because some people believe although they have deceased, their souls still visit their family so some may want to provide dinner for the soul at the cemetery. Also some believe that when the cemetery closes, it is like that the souls have been trapped inside. There should not be any closing hours on cemeteries.

  • Cemeteries Should Remain Open

    I always find it sad when I see a cemetery that is closed and locked because I feel that families should have the right to visit the memorials for their relatives that have passed on. In order to allow for this, cemeteries should remain open all the time, particularly those that are publicly funded. Private cemeteries of course can choose to do whatever they choose as it is private property, however I think they should be encouraged to allow families the right to enter as they choose.

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