• I have most!!!

    Hello im awesome I love instagram, snap chat, twitter, they are my life so if you take them away from me I will die. I am nor from around here and all my friends live far so how else do I talk to them. I know all the old people will say oh right a letter but that takes to long!!!

  • It is an awesome social media website

    Yes I do agree there are creeps out there but have you ever heard of a PRIVATE account. If you are really scared just don't post photos of you're family house where you live or anything else private about you being careful and still having fun on a social media site. Just don't follow creeps or people that you don't know. Stay private and don't post anything personal. Long live instagram!!!!!

  • It's just an app for sharing pictures and videos!

    Instagram is just an app for sharing photos and videos. There is no dangers at all within the app. Sometimes, Other kids post hurtful stuff about others but that rarely happens. This app is good for ages 10+. Just watch what your teen posts and you'll have no issues. Please don't restrict this wonderful app from teens!

  • A complete waste of time, just like Fakebook......

    Instagram for children under 16 is a bad idea. Kids are spending hours and hours a day addicted to their phones , instead of interacting with people face to face. Young girls are spending countless hours trying to take the perfect selfie.....This is so bad for their self esteem. Spending hours on taking a selfie and then obsessively checking to see if so called "friends" like it to validate their self worth. By allowing Instagram accounts, kids learn to judge themselves and others based on their looks. Imagine if these kids read a book for two hours instead of wasting time on Instagram. I have a 12 year old boy in the sixth grade. He is too young to be exposed to all the social pressures associated with social media. Scenario...A young girl goes to the school dance on Friday night. .She gets dropped off and picked up by her parents. Some of her friends were invited to a pre-dance gathering. She was not and finds out about it while she is at the dance, (which is fine, in life were not always invited to everything ).If she had an Instagram account, she would have seen a picture of all the girls who were invited to the gathering having fun ( and by having fun I mean staring at their phones and not talking to each other. Not being invited to a party is fine. What is not spoken about is how she feels everytime she sees those pictures and how they make her feel excluded. Teens are not adults, they are not emotionally equipped to deal with the comments or lack of likes on Instagram, nor do they fully realize the ramifications of posting something online and it being out there in cyber world forever.
    I am more disappointed with the parents who have allowed all their youngsters to have smart phones and Instagram. Besides being a budding photographer, I don't see any value in it. I do feel bad for those kids who don't have Instagram and desperately want it because they feel like they are missing out on something wonderful because all there friends are on it. These children need to understand that when they are mature and responsible, and older, then they can explore Instagram like sites on their own. Have your child do some research and write a paper on the pitfalls of social media. Maybe then, they will understand why it's not a great idea for young people.

  • This is a risky app.

    I can't deny that Instagram is fun, but I believe only teens should be able to use it, because they may be wiser than younger kids. 13 plus is probably a good age for Instagram. Also, at some point, you are probably going to run into someone who posts something REALLY inappropriate., or hurtful to you. If Instagram was made just a little safer, I think it'd be a great app.

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