Should a Christian business who does wedding receptions be forced to do business for a homosexual wedding reception?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Well Legally yes.

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  • God's Law Trumps man's Law.

    Let's get some facts straight as a True Christian and any True Christian have no problem don't hate homosexual's and doing business with homosexual's as long as we're not forced to put our stamp of approval of their homosexual activity because that's going against God since God states in the Bible that homosexual activity is a sin. If we in anyway ok their homosexual activity we're sinning against God too. Sin leads to an eternity in hell if none of us repent and put our Faith into Christ. These judges should side with Christian's who refuse to participate in their homosexual activity and the judges should turn the Bible if they haven't already that Christians are right that's going against God. The judges who side with the homosexual's in this case would be sinning against God too. A true Christian won't refuse to serve a homosexual couple who wants to come in the restaurant and order food won't refuse to serve them because that's not putting your stamp of approval in their homosexual activity in that case. God wants us to love the sinner but hate the sin. Yes we are supposed to love our neighbor like Jesus commanded but we're not supposed to ok somebody's sin.

  • Freedom of religion and freedom of speech is important

    The fact of the matter is, it would be different if the business was saying 'you are gay, I will not do business with you for your birthday party'. Instead, they are saying 'I do not support gay marriage, therefore I cannot support you as a business in your wedding reception as it is in conflict with my beliefs'. It is not the person they are discriminating against, it is the service, which I think is reasonable. Just as I would say that a cake shop shouldn't have to make a BDSM cake if it conflicts with other delicate sensibilities.

  • Freedom of Religion....

    A Christain business is allowed to do what it wants. Freedom of Religion. Too many people in today's society say "businesses should not be allowed to do this or that" and completely forget that if a private business is religious, they should be allowed to practice their religion. If you don't like their religion, so what? They are not trying to control your life. Just find someone else and stop expecting the world to revolve around you.

  • Freedom of Religion

    The same PC SJWs who complain about people pushing their morals on them will do the exact same to others. By forcing someone to participate in an activity they are against you are pushing your morals on them. I would love to bake a cake for a gay wedding but just because I approve of gay weddings does not mean that others do. Its their business and services, its their choice.

  • Freedom of Religion

    If a religious based business does not want to support a gay wedding, it should be his right not to. We should have the right not to cater to something we do not support.

    I can already tell someone in the comments is going to accuse me of being like the people who didn't want black and white people to use the same facilities during the days of segregation. But it's not like that at all; African American is not a lifestyle, homosexuality is.

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