• Awesome! ! !

    I love mars. Who cares if we die because we dont get enough oxygen. YYYYYYYYYY AAAAAAAAAAA YYYYYYYYYYYY. I LOVE MARS. Yeehaw! I would do mostly anything to live on Mars and reverse the solar system.Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy. Qwerty i am qwerty. I l o v e M a r s. Dun, dun, dun.........

  • Yes we should

    Y e s w e s h o u l d g o t o m a r s b e c a u s e i t s a w s o m e
    s o p l s g o to m a r s ! ! !

  • Why not? Of course we should!

    It may not be habitable, but It will in the near future when mars comes out of its ice age. Until then, we need to at least LAND humans on it, even if it's to plant a flag and go back home, plus, NASA's funding may sacrifice education's funding, but once NASA brings back moon and planet rocks and minerals, those never-seen-before hard-to-get rocks and minerals will fund education. SO its a win-win

  • Colony on Mars would be cool.

    I think that there should be colony set up on Mars. I think that will be coolest thing to witness in my life. Also it would helps to explore rest of the universe from there. We might find something new out there, perhaps even new power source, or maybe fuel it would definitely be worth it

  • Colony Should Be Set Up on Mars

    Yes, a colony should be set up on Mars. The very essence of the human spirit is exploration, to climb a mountain, map a coastline, explore a forest simply because it is there. So what other reason do we need to colonize Mars than that it is within our grasp?

  • Mars is potato

    In the movie the martain he grows pototos with his crap there fore mars is a dub palce to be and shoudl nat be a palanet with our swag on it too many iodiot willll go to the dumb palnat of the dumb mars no people on mars ysy ys

  • Contamination is a major hazard!

    It is almost inevitable that a colony on Mars will eventually contaminate the planet with Earth micro-organisms. At current levels of technology, I don't see how that can be avoided. A human is host to about 100 trillion micro-organisms in 10,000 different species. A habitat would have many other micro-organisms too, in the food, in the soil, other supplies, and floating in the air.

  • We should not colonize space

    Have you ever wondered why nobody has ever colonized on mars?, well that because mars is not a suitable place for humans especially to live on. Although we are running out of space on earth for humans to live, actually that does not mean we need to colonize mars. You may be wondering: why not colonize mars, and this is because of these three reasons nobody has ever been mars before, there are so many was we can bring back viruses from space and we need the contamination, and nobody will be able to survive on a such crazy weathered planet.

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