Should a comprehensive review be undertaken of regulations effecting small business in the United States?

  • Yes, there should be a review of regulations on small businesses in the US.

    Many regulations passed with medium to large sized companies in mind end up hurting small businesses. Small businesses need to be nurtured and helped along the path to a larger more stable business. When the small businesses are able to succeed, it's a clear indicator that the economy is on the right track. When more small businesses open you get more and better jobs available, and people start gaining an interest in becoming entrepreneurs again.

  • Yes, we do not make it easy for them.

    Yes, I think a comprehensive review of all regulations is way overdue. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and we need to look at reducing the unbelievable amount of red tape and regulations that are strangling them. Small businesses have to comply with differing regulations at the federal level, the city level, and the county level. It's become ridiculous.

  • Small Businesses Need Freedom

    From my small bit of experience trying to start a small businesses, I have to say the rules and regulations are difficult to pick up on and quite troublesome. I think the government should do a comprehensive review of how these regulations effect small businesses. If anything we need to limit these regulations and maybe even ban them from the truly small businesses so they can operate more effectively.

  • They are overwhelmed.

    Yes, a comprehensive review should be undertaken of regulations effective small businesses in the United States, because right now small businesses have more regulations and rules than they can possibly comprehend. Big businesses can just hire compliance departments. This is unfair for small businesses that are trying to compete with them.

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