Should a compulsory abortion come to youth pregnancies?

  • Boy, am I gonna get it!

    I actually think yes on this one. Its quite absurd for teenagers to have children in the modern world. The statistics are quite bad for the success of the mother or her child. I'm inclined to think that one should have a license before being allowed to have a child. I believe this more as a matter of opinion than as a proposal for legislative action. Seems fairy dangerous to legislate such a thing.

  • Yes, youth pregnancy abortion should be compulsory

    Far too many teens are having children. Not only does this effect the mothers, the child and others involved, but also the economy. Adolescence and young adulthood should be a time for university, education and a time to develop a career. With so many young many young girls falling pregnant they are unable (well most are) to develop their education and start a career. Not only does this have crippling effects on the woman's self esteem, sense of self and sense of their place in the world, it is effecting the economy and professional world. These women who could otherwise be doctors, lawyers, teachers and business women are throwing away their chance at becoming a successful, ambitious, high achieving woman. Now I'm not saying this is for everyone. I am simply saying if youth abortion was compulsory many women would have a better chance at creating a successful career and future.

  • What about adoption?

    Although I would be against compulsory adoption too if we're really going to insist that they don't start raising kids at their age then what would be wrong if the minor decided to give the kid up for adoption? Why force abortion on the kid if they don't plan on keeping their kid in the first place?
    I do think that financial incentives for minors to give up their babies for adoption should be provided, but it should still be their choice.

  • It would be ridiculous and seriously infringe human rights.

    No! Of course not! When you become pregnant, you should be able to make a choice on what you do. I'm not supporting youth pregnancies but there are very many teen moms who do the best that they possibly can to raise a child and make sure the child has the best. Not every teen mother is incapable. Abortion would completely violate a girl and it should be her choice, not the governments, on what she does to her body.

  • Absolutely Not

    This is the first that I've ever heard of this argument, and it appalls me to even think about it. Part of that is of course because I'm pro life, but even if I was not, compulsory abortions whiff way too much of eugenics and government control of reproduction. Am I a fan of teen pregnancy? Of course, not, who is. But that doesn't make compulsory abortion in any way right.

  • The phrase "compulsory abortion" scares me.

    I would never support anything labeled "compulsory abortion" so I am against this for that reason alone. The entire pro-abortion movement has labeled itself the "pro-choice" movement, and to eliminate the choice from abortion is to destroy the entire ideal being advocated by most of its supporters. Forcing a woman to terminate a pregnancy is just as oppressive as saying she never can.

  • That's A Big No

    Being in my thirties I have far surpassed my worries about teen pregnancy, however, if I would have come up pregnant a compulsory abortion would have sent me packing to a different country. While I agree teens with babies is not the ideal, many have showed that they can grow up and still live life while raising the child. There are also other options, such as adoption, which I find far more favorable. I think it is terrible to assume compulsory abortions would be a good idea.

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