Should a couple be allowed to have a baby if their DNA meant that their child would definitely be severely disabled?

Asked by: Taylur
  • Not practical to enforce.

    How would we ever ban people like this? I mean we could sterilize them, but that would be highly unethical. Plus, how would we know for sure that they would produce a child with disabilities? Are we to force every couple to undergo tests to check? I think this would all be going too far. We also can't be 100% sure that they can't produce a child without disabilities. It may be a small percentile, but it still could probably happen. Shouldn't we be looking to solve this so people can have children without disabilities instead of focusing on stopping them from having children?

  • That is impossible to predict

    A couple has the right to try to have children. The chance of a child be severely disabled can never be for sure predicted. Even if the child is born most likely the child won't live very long and his/her's organs can be used to help other children. We all have human rights the right to use our bodies is ours not the governments

  • Think about it first:

    Knowing that if you conceive a child with disabilities and still having that child is being selfish because the child will go through a lot of things that will hurt him. Look at other people with disabilities they suffer from discrimination. Is not fair, for these people to be suffering is not their fault. Someone could of prevented it before it was too late. SO is better to think about that childs future. There are many other options like adopting a child, there is a lot kids waiting to get adopted.

  • Think about others.

    Of course it is very harsh to separate two loving people, and prevent them from getting married. Life is hard, and you cannot get everything. Marrying someone knowing that your child might be born disabled is more harsh than separating two hearts. How would the couple feel seeing their son/daughter suffer every single second of his/her life till death. OK they love each other and all, but I believe they would love their kid more than each other. Why put your child through suffering from the moment he/she was born till death just because you wouldn't give up your love. The love of a parent to his/her child is greater than any love in this world! Do not be selfish, and take the risk. Yes, the child MIGHT not be disabled, but what if he/she turns out to be? Why risk your own child's health, happiness, and well-being?

  • It's a tough question

    I want to say no, but that would sort of restrict the couple that innocently love each other. How can you enforce this rule without splitting the couple up? What if they accidentally get pregnant -- will they have to have an abortion?

    I'm going for no, they shouldn't be allowed to have a child, because I think I would rather to couple be unhappy than sentencing a child to a life of disability.

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