Should a couple be required to attend therapy before a divorce?

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  • Is it their choice.

    A divorce is a very difficult time for many people. Regardless of how a couple feels about each other, they were in love at one point. Sending them to therapy would just prolong the inevitable. They may be able to work through minor issues, but people just don't request divorce on a whim. There are problems, and therapy may not necessary help. If the couple chooses therapy, fine, but don't force them.

  • No, people should be allowed divorced at their choosing.

    Anyone who does not wish to be married anymore should be allowed divorce for any reason they deem necessary. There is no reason to enforce therapy or any other counseling or help to people that do not want to be together any longer. Yes, we have high divorce rates. If anything, people should receive counseling prior to marriage to deter divorce. I believe many people get married for the wrong reasons; maybe they've dated for a long while and assume it's the next step when the relationship isn't going anywhere. Maybe they feel pressured by society to marry by a certain age, or pressured by their family and friends to make a commitment they are not yet ready for. But that is best decided before walking down the aisle. Therapy is a person decision and should not be inflicted upon people by the government.

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