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  • Sexual desires cannot be cured

    They have attempted to use the same methods to try and cure pedophiles as they have homosexuals. Shock therapy, sniffing powder, faith healing, etc. It is all crap. You cannot cure them. All you can do is hope for a solution to help them find a fulfilled life without being sexually active with children.

  • I don't think so

    There is no cure for pedophiles so that is a resounding no. We should think of something permanent for these sick (bad words) when we get them to keep our kids safe from them. I am thinking a long walk off a short pier, but nothing is set in stone.

  • Pedophilia is not a disease.

    If you're going to ask to CURE pedophilia, you might as well ask for a cure for homosexuality. Both are sexual preference, such as some men prefer women with smaller breasts rather than larger ones, and some women prefer "thicker" men than overly fit ones. There is nothing to cure.

  • Difference between pedophilia and child molestation.

    Pedophilia is no different to any other sexual preference. In theory, it's no different to heterosexuality, or interest in bondage. Child molestation is an act that can be carried out regardless of sexual preference.

    It's like the difference between sexual attraction to a woman you've never talked to, and raping said woman. Really there's no way to 'cure' a complex part of what makes a given person who they are. As well, it isn't 'wrong' to have certain feelings or thoughts, only to perform certain actions. We don't punish people for who they are, only what they do.

    Curing child molestation, on the other hand, well that's real simple. Life in prison, no parole.

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