• Yes, the USA should adopt some ideas of socialism.

    Socialism is different from capitalism in that it values "from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs." Basically, this means that the values in socialism are much more based around equality and fairness than whoever can amass the most capital in the quickest amount of time.

  • Socialism is not as bad as you were taught.

    We were indoctrinated to believe that anything labeled as "socialist" is bad. You might as well call it a sin. This is amusing because the socialist idea is actually faith based. Churches are known for asking for donations from those that can afford it, and redistributing those funds among the poor and needy. It was godly to donate at least 10% of whatever you earn. The churches were unable to support the outcry for help during the depression, which opened the door for welfare and social security. "The New Deal" was almost entirely a socialist style program, but necessary for the nation's survival. Social Security even has "social" in the name and yet does not receive the same ridicule as other socialist style programs.

  • Capitalism Is Killing Us

    I do not believe it is healthy for any society to strictly follow socialist ideals or capitalist ideals. For the most part, I feel that the United States has spent far too much time utilizing capitalism and it has helped to wipe out the middle class and push millions of Americans into poverty. We would benefit if more ideas from Marxist socialism were implemented.

  • Socialism is flawed.

    No, a democratic USA should not take some ideas from a Marxist socialism, because it is a slippery slope. Once there is some socialism interjected into an otherwise free society, it is only a matter of time until the society has fallen to be completely socialist. Marxists have long discussed trying to attack the United States from the inside.

  • The United states is actually following socialist ideas since the 60's.

    The Pushing into poverty has been done by increasing taxes to "wage war on poverty" as a result the worker becomes more expensive, this makes businesses leave or outsource their work. And you call that capitalism. The very ideas you seek to implement have already been. The housing crisis under Bush who wanted everyone ot own a home even if they were unable to pay for it. To bring "income equality". Social security, a pyramid scheme that is soon to run out of funds. The Middle class is being wiped out by the very ideals you are suggesting to implement. Please read a bit of history, specially modern one as to how France is doing after wanting to raise taxes and corporate fees. See how much their employement has decreased.

    Have you not payed attention to the universal healthcareplan? What caused the housing crisis? Why businesses outsource?

    Are you aware of the ideas that each represent, and what ideas are currently being followed; because it seems you are confusing both.
    Government control of the economy as it is increasingly happening is socialism and marxist, that isn't capitalism in any way. And yet you are proposing to embrace more ideas that have lead to us to the hole we are in? Please , please for all of us do a bit of reading.

    Posted by: N711
  • Leave it how it was founded

    When the founders of our country created our government, they went with the best and most fair form of government there is. They did this so that we would remain a successful country for a long time, and that the people would be treated fairly and have a powerful economy.

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