Should a developing country like India host a sports event, spending scores on it?

  • Yes they should

    I think that it is great for developing countries, such as India, to host sports events, even if they have to spend a lot on it. The exposure and tourism will be great for their countries and it shows how great they are to the world. Every country is unique and hosting events allows other countries to show off themselves as well.

  • Yes, hosting sports events can increase tourism and revenue for the country.

    A sports event can easily increase tourism and revenue for a country. International tourists can travel to the country and spend a lot of money while there, such as with hotel fees. The sports event can also inspire the local population to spend more. In addition, hosting a sports event can be a symbol of development for the country.

  • Culture and humanity

    What these sorts of events also show is that despite the problems being faced by these "third world nations" they also show the ability, hope and pride of countries often written of by the 1st world. They open eyes of the world to some of the best aspects of a nations that otherwise would never have the chance to show off their culture, beauty and unique contribution to the world.

  • A misplaced priority

    Economists talk about scale of preference for countries and governments are expected to tackle the basic needs first not the luxuries. USA and most part of Western Europe reached full employment level since the late 19th century, but only started to invest in sporting infrastructures in the 20th century. Developing countries expecially SSAs are struggling with budgetary deficit relying heavily on foreign aids to fund their basic needs. In fact most developing countries are a basket case living on handouts from the west and most recently China. So if at anytime some monies have become available for investment whether followihg the discovery of new natural resources or following the receipt of aids or following increased mobilization of domestica taxes, luxuries such as America-type sports stadia are certainly not a priority investment areas.

  • Rio De Janeiro - Brazil. No more needs to be said.

    Rio De Janeiro - Brazil. No more needs to be said.
    Rio De Janeiro - Brazil. No more needs to be said.
    Rio De Janeiro - Brazil. No more needs to be said.
    Rio De Janeiro - Brazil. No more needs to be said.
    Rio De Janeiro - Brazil. No more needs to be said.

  • This is morally repugnant

    Firstly the society does not benefit from these games. Millions of dollars are spent creating these extravagant sporting grounds to be left abandoned after the event due to the poverty of society who cannot afford to buy a ticket. Secondly, these events do not help the poor people in need and the money is spent on making the city attractive to tourists rather than increasing the living standard and opportunity of the communities.

    Hockey does not house, swimming does not school and football does not feed.

  • An unnecessary burden

    Instead of wasting away billions of dollars on hosting a sporting event, couldn’t a developing country use the money for a worthier cause? For example, they could spend it on a better education system and more health services for their country. It cost $44 billion dollars for the Beijing Olympics, leaving China $146 million dollars in debt. This proves hosting a major international sporting activity is simply an unnecessary burden. The majority of developing countries have enough issues on their hands; this includes the many malnourished children and homeless families living in slums.

  • Taxpayers money... What's it really for??

    Taxpayers money is being wasted on making theses nations look nice in front of the world when this money should be spent on the well being of everybody who lives in the nation. The money should be spent on education, housing, medical needs, proper sewage systems. Hosting major international sporting events is not the right way to spend the money!

  • Because i have to do a debate on it

    Im trying to boost my confidence :) and i found this website so i thought posting this would boost it since im versing the best team and i think we will loose even though i really, really, really want to win and its in 2 days and i have hardly thought of anything so im kind of freaking out.

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