• Yes, this would be cause for a forced abortion.

    Detection of anencephaly in a fetus should be cause for a forced abortion. If the fetus is not aborted, and results in a live birth, the infant usually lives only a few days at most. Anencephaley is a neural tube disorder which means the fetus will be missing portions of the brain and skull. There may also be heart issues. By making it a forced abortion, it takes the painful decision away from the family.

  • No chance of survival, No rights.

    I agree with the three existing "yes" comments. Anencephalic babies have zero chance of survival and therefore cannot add anything to society. Healthy babies are the future. Medical care shouldn't be stolen from them by useless deformed babies that are going to die in a few days anyway. That just isn't fair.

  • Less emotionally traumatizing.

    You abort a child with anencephaly the mother and father never see the child and thus never have a chance to get attached to it. If the mother is allowed to get attached to the child then she will be distraught at the loss of a child so soon as these children rarely live past a few days.

  • Preventing birth is the best decision here.

    Anencephaly best results with terminating a pregnancy. This is because the brain birth defect is fatal to begin with. There would be much more heartache in giving birth to a child that is going to quickly die than in preventing the pregnancy in the first place. Abortion is usually not a necessary or well-advised procedure, but in these cases, it is the best one.

  • Its up to the parents.

    Forcing abortion is a horrible thing to do. Babies with this condition can’t feel pain can’t see can’t hear can’t feel and is permanently unconscious. So the only ones being hurt here are the parents. So it should be their choice. Babies with this condition are usually stillborn. And the few who aren't die within a few hours. So it doesn't make much difference if you abort it or not anyway.

  • Respecting people's religious beliefs, no.

    A very religious, particularly Christian, couple would most likely feel strongly against abortion. Forcing an abortion upon them would directly conflict with their faith. If one is taking the Constitution into account, that is not okay at all. Furthermore, the government deciding that someone's child is unfit to live would be very difficult on the parents.

  • Abortion should never be forced, although in cases of anencephaly it would certainly be warranted.

    No matter what the case, an abortion should never be forced upon a woman. However, in cases of anencephaly an abortion would certainly be warranted and most likely advisable. This is because the fetus is possibly in extreme pain and has little to no chance of survival. This choice cannot be forced on anyone though.

  • No, a diagnosis of anencephaly should not result in a forced abortion.

    No, a diagnosis of Anencephaly should not result in a forced abortion. Nobody should be forced to get an abortion. If parents are willing to deal with a child who has Anencephaly then they should be allowed to. If we allow forced abortions for Anencephaly, what will be next condition for fetuses to require a forced abortion?

  • Parents Should Make Decision

    I do not believe it is fair to force abortion upon any parent, therefore I do not believe a diagnosis of anencephaly should result in a forced abortion. It is unlikely that babies with this condition will survive anyway, so parents should be afforded the right to cope with this problem how they see fit.

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