• Advantage of Dress Codes

    Although some might argue that dress codes can make going to school more tolerable, whenever there is an emergency and people need to identify you right away (but don't know your name), knowing what school you come from (because of the school uniform) can make the identifying process a lot easier...

  • No dress codes


    Marie and Stellan Move back to Japan. They unpack and go to sleep. Suddenly he gets a call from his mum. Stay IN YOUR HOUSE RIGHT NOW there is a Yandere on the loose. She is murdering everyone to get to you. She hangs up. Stellan grabs a gun and calls the police station. No one answers. There all dead… What no way said marie you call the the rest of task force z. Yea Liv says. Are you in japan Liv? Yes… I'M THE YANDERE. No NOT LIV. He cries for a hour the doorbell rings. Hide NOW. WHERE ARE YOU STELLAN. Marie hits her with a brick. YOU LITTLE. Stellan Shoots her it only stuns her NOW MARIE RUN. You guys go to Clara's House. Clara you here. You guys find her and you hug her. You need to hide Now there is a yandere on the loose.

    1 Month Later

    Marie and Stellan Break up. Stellan and Clara go out on a date. He moves in with her and kisses her. Yandere Liv Is dead Or so they thought… you call Sayori. Are you there? Yes i am here whatcha need. Is there a Yandere in your city. No why? She's not dead… WHAT hold on i will be right there you arrive at Sayori’s house. Sayori? You see a noose … NO NOT SAYORI. You cry. Natsuki comes over she's dead this is the work of 2 people. MONIKA AND LIV.
    You call Yuri. She answers Well well you called. We need you Yuri. ASAP. She gets here we need to burn Sayori’s body. WAIT. Check for a pulse. Shes alive. Thank the lord. Let's go find those two. We need gear first Sayori opens up her armory. W O A H. That is a lot of weapons you grab the Lazer Scythe. You kill monika and liv you pull out poison and shove it down both of their throats. They Are Dead. You hug Yuri. WE DID IT. You throw a party and everyone of your friends show up. Sadly this is the end of this story. STAY AROUND FOR PART 2. And Here is Part 2 What you have been waiting for! This is in a totally different world it takes place in The World of DDLC or Doki Doki Literature Club.

    Sayori come on we are going to be late. You go get her up. Come on get dressed i'm waiting down stairs. EH oh it's you LETS GO!!!
    She hugs you. You get to school. It's the end of the day. You join the literature club. What do you want Monika. Sayori asks if you know her. Yes She is my Ex. Well It's been a while. Stop RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. You Pull a gun out Not Today and you shoot Monika. She glitches out and bleeds

    ps this is a story

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