Should a father have a right to refuse an abortion?

  • Incredible. Just incredible.

    Let me ask some questions: Does the father play a role in the family? If so, doesn't he deserve a say in any and all decisions in the family? If so, isn't it wrong to deny his say in keeping the child or not? Or, is it not his decision simply because biology by law states that the woman carries the child? This one isn't rhetorical: In cases of rape, if the man is the victim and the woman a rapist- by the logic presented on the No column- is it right to force the victim to accept the child if the rapist has it? To me, it sounds as if this has boiled down to "does the father play a role?"

  • Father's right movement

    Why can't a father have a right to refuse an abortion while another father should have to pay for child support for a kid he didn't want. Its a double standard. Unless its life threatening for the women or child, the father should have a right to refuse an abortion.

  • Just let the man keep it

    If he wants it, just have the baby then give it to him. A man will possibly have a more difficult time but don't just throw away the child he knows and loves. Without the father, you wouldn't have the child anyway. Your body, your choice? Women are always going for equal rights, so there should be equal say in an abortion. I'm not saying that the man has the final decision, I'm saying he can veto it if he wants. If my girlfriend told we were going to abortion a baby, I woul

  • Common sense everyone

    How would you feel if someone took your child away even though you loved your child. You would feel devastated and you would be affected the rest of your life, no one deserves to lose a child and i hope everyone realizes it. It may be in the womens body, but it is 50% the man and hey it came out the guys body to duhhhhhh. I hope you sexist idiots realize what your saying and you need to think about what your saying

  • Two parents have equal rights

    The right of two parents should be treated equally. If a mother does not want a child and would otherwise have an abortion, and a father would like to have their child, they should have a right to prevent the abortion, and have their child. There is no reason a mother should be able to murder a fathers child, unless her life is at risk.

  • Definitely

    The child is also his. Abortion should only be used if the child will be coming into a world where it has absolutely no one who is ever going to love it completely. If the father has decided that he wants to keep the child he should have the right to part of the decision making process.

  • YES

    Because that child is 50% his. If she doesn't want it, then he can have custody once it is born, but nobody has the right to take a life in my opinion anyway. Americans legislators need to uphold our constitution by protecting life, including the lives if the unborn which are actually more vulnerable.

  • Dudes don't do the heavy lifting

    This is about bodily autonomy, women have the right to make their own decisions when it comes to what happens with their body. This is a fairly new right for women as for a long time they were nothing more than property of their husbands. Men are not the pregnant ones, since it is not their body, it is not their choice, quite simple actually.

  • They are not the one going through the pregnancy.

    I see arguments such as, "Just give him the child!", well, what you are saying is you would force someone to go through a pregnancy and birth the child for your selfish desires as if you own the person whom was impregnated. It's the person who is carrying the fetus's decision whether they want to carry it to term, not the one who impregnated them. Women are not property or machines for whenever someone wants an offspring, they're people who get to make their own decisions for themselves.

    Also, might I remind anyone who said "Yes" that if a rapist got their victim pregnant, the victim would be forced to carry their rapist's fetus to term according to your view point and that is just disgusting.

  • No - but:

    I agree that the abortion in and on itself should be the woman's choice, but then the man should be able to opt out of paying any and all child support.


    Because having children should be a joint decision (and it would prevent women from tricking man by for example getting of the pill without telling their BF in order to get pregnant (and thus force the man to pay child-support or even force marriage in more conservative circles)

  • Our body our rights

    A women has a right to her own body, men do not have a say in what we do with ourselves we are just as equal as them. In admenent 13, equal protection under the law meaning women's are equal and if men control over what they do with their body so do women. People have fought over getting birth control and abortions. Men are not the ones who have to go through all of the pain and suffering women do. Why should they control women? We don't control them.

  • He's not pregnant, is he?

    Sure, he can have his opinion heard, and he can say that he doesn't want the fetus aborted. But it is ultimately the pregnant person's choice whether to carry it to term or not.

    After all, the pregnant person is the one who will be giving birth, they're the one who will be most affected, and no one can else make their choice for them.

  • Absolutely not!

    He is the one who impregnated her! So, if she doesn't want it, he can't force it! I am in no way in favor of abortion, but it is her choice. How could he possibly force her to go through nine months of agony that she doesn't want?! She should listen to what he has to say, and take his opinion into account, but overall, it is her decision. Men and women should decide when to have kids, because if she gets pregnant and one doesn't want it, they have a problem. The same goes for the other way. If he wants her to get an abortion, and she doesn't want one, she can have the baby. He may be able to sign away rights and obligations in the future. I also think since the woman is able to terminate the pregnancy, he can sign away legal rights. But honestly, people just need to be responsible!

  • No, but this one is tough

    I don't know about this one but I have to lean towards no just because it is the womans body. I know that that father had part in making the baby but the woman is the one that has to carry it out for nine months and it might be causing a problem for her to do that.

  • Too many problems in practice.

    It takes two people to make a baby, a mother and a father, so, in theory, they should both be involved in the decision whether or not to carry it to term or not. However, in practice, the mother's responsibilities are far greater: she's in it for nine months, while the father might be gone the next day. So, the decision as to whether or not to have an abortion should be hers alone.

  • The father is not having the abortion, how can he refuse it

    A man's decision of whether or not to have a child ends once the child has conceived. If a man does not want a child he needs to abstain from sex or use some protection. Once the woman is pregnant, what she decides to do in regards to having the child is her decision.

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