Should a federal marriage amendment be approved in order to give gay marriage nationwide approval?

  • In this day and age everyone should be allowed to marry. Love should have no restrictions.

    We are in the year 2014, and it is about time that everyone should be allow to marry. I am a lesbian myself, and it is frustrating there are so many states I can not get married in. I do not believe that God would want limitations on love and unity. It does not matter who you lay with at night, what matters is what is in your heart and how much you love someone else.

  • A good strategy

    People are very much against amending the Constitution, something that has always bothered me. I often advocate against a federal marriage law because there is no constitutional basis for it, but I would be in favor of an amendment because I favor gay marriage - and, more importantly, removing the stigma of an amendement.

  • Gay Rights Should be Enumerated

    Congress should approve an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that enumerates equal marriage rights for homosexual couples in addition to heterosexual couples. That way, there aren't separate lawsuits seeking gay marriage rights to be carried over from one state to the next, which is what's going on now in places like Arkansas and Missouri.

  • Yes, so it's not piece meal any more.

    The subject of gay marriage has gained a lot of approval over the past few years all along the country. So we need to stop this state by state approach where a couple can be married in one state and not in another and make a federal marriage amendment that covers the whole country.

  • People do not want it.

    No, there should not be a federal marriage amendment to give gay marriage nationwide approval, because most people still do not want gay marriage. State after state passed amendments making marriage between a man and a women. The liberals that run the federal government need to stop shoving their politics down our throats.

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