Should a girl be blamed for rape based on the clothes she is wearing?

Asked by: Sourgummyworm
  • They shouldn't be blamed completely, but partially yes.

    If a woman were intentionally walking around or jogging in just leggings and a bra, it is just going to be a matter of time before she gets raped by a rapist or killed by a serial killer as she should be dressed more appropriately. Even if she believes she should be able to wear whatever she wants out in public. There is such a thing as indecency and it's not just about individual rights, but also the respect for others around you.

  • Factors and precautions.

    Could I you say it was a little bit of my fault if I got robbed if I desintalled
    my loock and let the door wide open.

    Of course I could in every situation there are factors controlled by the victim in this case clothes,body language...

    And some a controlled by the aggresor.

    It is only logicall for a possible victim to reduce the factors that she controlls to a reasonable extent.

    Altough rape should never be considered ACCEPTABLE IT'S WRONG.

  • It's a woman's fault

    Men are supposed to be attracted to a girl wearing minimal clothing. Just like girls are attracted to men in the same way, but girls don't rape cause it's too hard to do that. If a girl doesn't wanna get raped then she shouldn't drink, she should stay with her boyfriend or husband at all times if going out, and stay home where she should be. Unless she's going to the grocery store.

  • Becoming the gray man or women

    There is a survival tactic called the gray man, and is practiced by many urban escape and evasion classes. The concept behind the gray man is to appear as an ordinary individual so that it decreases your chances of encountering a dangerous situation. This concept puts into many factors including mannerism, movement and appearance. If for example, those who categorize themselves as a female, were to wear clothing that may be flashy, or exhibit too much skin. Then that individual increases their risk of becoming a victim towards a dangerous situation. Although the individual who committed rape is guilty, one must also look towards how this situation escalated. This may include the clothes in which the victim was wearing.

  • This concept introduces a dangerous inversion of principles...

    It would be to say that victims are guilty of luring criminals rather than criminals being guilty of violating rights.

    The robber wouldn't be guilty of stealing, the victim would be guilty of having "too much."

    The murderer wouldn't be guilty of taking a life, the victim would be guilty of "living."

    As a side note, I find it most curious that this premise is often presented by the same Conservatives who chide the entitlement mentality to which, they allege, Liberals subscribe. I can't imagine a more entitlement-driven mind than one that suggests as woman is raped due to her attire, as if a man is entitled to a piece of her simply because her presence tempted his eyes...

    Posted by: Tink
  • Rape is Wrong Regardless of Circumstances

    There is no circumstance imaginable where rape is justifiable. Rape is always illegal and always should be illegal. What does it matter what clothes she may or may not be wearing? Raping her would be morally wrong and illegal.

    If a woman is wearing clothes that suggests that she may be a prostitute it would still be wrong to rape her even if she does turn out to be a prostitute. You are supposed to pay her and then have sex and that may be illegal too but at least it is not rape as well. Raping a prostitute is morally wrong and illegal like raping anybody else.

    This is probably the strangest opinion argument I have ever posted. It may be strange, but it is true.

  • No it isn't acceptable

    A person should have the right to wear what ever they want to wear. Why should the female be the guilty one in a rape situation. People should not have to fear being raped because they are wearing short shorts or a dress. Agreeing with this is the same as saying it's acceptable to rape women.

  • Stop victim blaming.

    Anyone has the right to wear what he or she wants. But yes women should be alert while they are on the streets because sadly today people have become really disgraceful. Our clothes no longer project our freedom rather projects a false loose character in the minds of these perpetrators.

  • No means no

    Rapists only rape because they like to feel in control .... Are you going to tell a little girl that it happened to her because her shirt made her look good and men cant handle that .. Don't tell us what to wear start telling guys not to rape.... Stop with the boys will be boys bullshit and get it in the brains that its wrong and it doesn't matter what the girl looks like if she said no that means no

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  • Not the victim's fault

    There is no type of justification for rape, especially clothing. I can walk around butt naked and it still doesn't give a man the right to put their hands on me. Men walk around with no shirt and don't get raped. Ya'll are really buggin out. Get your life in check.

  • Not the victim's fault

    There is no type of justification for rape, especially clothing. I can walk around butt naked and it still doesn't give a man the right to put their hands on me. Men walk around with no shirt and don't get raped. Ya'll are really buggin out. Get your life in check.

  • Its never the girls fault.

    Just because she is wearing clothes that she is comfortable wearing doesn't mean its okay to rape. Rape is illegal and dishonorable. Yes men can get raped too but that's very rare. Just because a woman's clothes "provoke you" doesn't mean you have to act on your "urges". Stop blaming the victims.

  • People can change their mind

    It doesn't matter whether she intended to have sex that night, she can back out and change her mind any time and people need to respect that. A guy should learn that her body does not belong to him, if she doesn't want to do it, then he would just have to respect her decision. It wouldn't kill you to refrain from sex.

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