Should a girl switch classes because she has no friends?

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  • Is the loneliness worth it?

    If someone is in a class where they don’t feel safe and have nobody to talk to, It can make them lonely. Loneliness can lead to feeling depressed and unhappy, Which might directly affect one’s grades. Being with a friend on the other hand, Gives a feeling of safeness. Feeling sad throughout schooldays and not wanting to go to school is never a good thing!

  • I’ve been through this myself and it was a nightmare

    When I was in my second year of high school we were put into three bands I went in one and all my friends and everyone I new were put into another, While I was left with everyone I hated causing my confidence to drop as well as my likeness to school. I tried so hard and made some friend but it wasn’t the same and I always felt like I was being left out. Now it is the week leading up to when we find out which band we are in and me, As well as my friends are terrified
    If this happens again I will move to be wi th my friends, P so save yourself the pain and worry by moving as it will be better for everyone. Good luck

  • Being happy will get more work done.

    As someone who is an introvert and has anxiety i think it would help to be with friends. If you are struggling because you feel alone it is not a good idea to just “stick it out. ” In my experience if I was not with a friend in my class I felt sad and alone and couldn’t do work properly worrying about what people thought of me and genrally worrying. Or I was trying to keep up with someone and tag alone which is not fun either. Being with friends just makes everything easier and makes school an enjoyable expirence. If I am happy in a class I get lots of work done and have a good attitude. It is no good not wanting to go to school or being sad at school. In my opinion move classes and enjoy school. It’s probably the best time in your life so enjoy it. :)

  • Friends make everything easier!

    I recently moved half way across the world and had to join a new school. In my old school I always complained about how awful school was but I never realised just how awful it would be if I didn’t have my friends by my side. Now I sit alone in classes, I feel actuallly depressed and I can’t get any work done. I don’t raise my hand because I think people will judge me as a tp and I look around the room at all the other friend groups and it makes me miss my friends. So trust me, if you are given the oportunity to change classes, do it!

  • Not Having Friends Makes Classes Less Enjoyable

    If you don't have friends, class just becomes really boring and dreaded. You don't work as hard because it's just another item on the to do list without any real meaning behind it. Also, many classes use group labs and/or projects where you are likely to do worse without someone you work well with and trust, therefore hurting herself.

  • Socializing is important to being happy and healthy.

    Having no one to talk to makes it difficult to work and concentrate. If you have the option and there are no big downsides, why not? There's no reason to subject yourself to completely avoidable loneliness. If you switch, however, don't let your friends distract you from your work. In my experience, just having them around is what gives you that peace of mind.

  • Because she has no friends

    She has no friends so she should switch classes and be in a better enviroment that she will get friends no kid should grow up and not have friends. She should switch classes that people are just like her and will like her for who she is and she can get a better learning with friends around to help her where she is struggling

  • Maybe for her better learning and experience

    Yes-No for me, (not so sure) It's better for her to switch to the other class that has all of her friends in it so that she doesn't have to be stressed out about new friendships, sit, talk and enjoy with your friends in table and when it comes to group or partner up, you don't need to be anxious or worry about getting into partners or groups and her learning performance might increase by working with friends she's quite closed with so that they can work together as a group more harder.

  • Welcome to life

    You are not always going to like everyone that you encounter or work with. When she is older and finds a job, she is not going to switch jobs because she has no friends. Life is all about learning to work with different people, and make new friends. For those that said she would get a better learning environment, this statement is false and can be backed up by statistics. Students are proven to do better when they are not distracted by their friends. If she wants to hang out with her friends, she can do it after school.

  • School isn't about friends

    Although it may be hard for someone to not have friends (trust me, I know), that is not what school is about. Not having any friends will not only help this girl focus, but also achieve more. School is short, and a short part of someones life, so they should be fully focused on learning.

  • People distract from work

    You see, this girl is lucky. School is not a place for socializing but for learning. Friends distract from that. Being an observant and curious person, I have noted that those in classes with fewer friends tend to pay attention more to class and get better grades. Therefore this girl should not change classes of she is concerned about her future.

  • Class is to learn, it's not socialize hour.

    Yes it will suck her friends are not in her same class, but she should take this as an opportunity to make new friends. She'll always have lunchtime and after school to hang out with her friends, so it should not be that big a deal if she is not with them in a learning environment.

  • Life is Life

    Eventually in life, You will be working with people you don't know. If you get a good job, Will switch to some other job because your friend is doing it? Probably no. So while your in school, You should know how to get along with people you don't know while you can. It is a good life lesson and it is important to learn it when you are young

  • Although it is sometimes nice to see a familiar face, school is ultimately meant for learning and learning only.

    I know we all like to be able to chat with friends in the halls and see friendly faces here and there, but let's face it-- school is and always will be meant for learning. I understand that it is sometimes easier to work in a familiar environment, but that option won't always be available to her in the future.

    A large part of the things you learn in school involves learning to face the real world. If she feels that she is unable to learn or concentrate without being coddled now, when will she ever be?

    Life doesn't fit around your personal preference. In fact, sometimes it shreds away any comfort you feel you had like a seam ripper. Sometimes that's an important hurdle to clear.

    If you can make the most out of a desolate situation, you will have a larger skill set and be more appealing to future employers.

    Forging new relationships is a daily issue in the world of employment. Either you can or can't learn to get along with new people, and your future employers will judge you for it either way-- might as well beef up now.

    Anyway, as other contenders have said, when presented with friends in a learning environment no matter how young or old, students have been proven to fail. If this girl is serious about emerging into the world of business at some point, it would be in her best interest to make the most out of this situation, yet another life skill she clearly needs to learn. If she is planning on switching out of a certain class, it should be for an issue with comprehension or schedule, not her surroundings.

  • Class is to learn

    Classes are meant to help kids learn not socialize. Plus she probably has recess and lunch. She will probably also do way better in her classes than her friends because she can pay more attention to her teacher. She will move ahead of her friends because she cant socialize as much. Its not a big deal if she has no friends in that certain class.

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