• It's A Priority!

    A good wife doesn't have to be a good cook, or great chef. But, yes, she needs to be able to cook meals. It's an important part of providing for your family. Too many kids struggle with obesity today, because they've been raised with fast-food as the norm for dining. Once a week is fine -- a special treat. But when Mom is constantly buying take-out, she's not doing the best thing for herself or her family!

  • Why is this a gender issue?

    Every person should know how to cook. It is a life skill that every person should learn so they don't starve. I never understand people who say they don't know how to cook. In my mind it is the same as people who say they don't know how to bathe.

  • Of Course They Should

    I think they should because if they marry if there man expects his wife to cook and the man cant cook they are going to be ordering take- out for the rest of their marriage (for as long as that' going to be) and no couple wants to keep ordering take out, they want to have no limits and be able to make combinations on the food that they eat

  • Yes, I do believe that wife's she be able to cook.

    I feel it is very important for your wife to be able to cook. I'm not talking 5 star meals, just things to get you through the day without wanting to take take-out. It would be nice if your wife would cook and to see her in the kitchen. It might be quite embarrassing if your wife cant cook when your friends want food or are hungry. If you plan to have children, it is wonderful if there mom could coo, as well.

  • Depends on her partner.

    If a wife [lit. Meaning a married women] is a good wife or not depends on the person she is married to, doesn't it? In general, I would say, that a good wife has to be there for the person she is married to, care for him/ her and make him/her happy. But it is up to the individual, what that specifically means.
    Maybe the husband is cooking, or they have enough money to eat in a restaurant everyday, or to employ servants who cook for them. Maybe they just eat fast food.
    There are enough situations, where it is completely irrelevant if the wife can cook or not.

    P.S. Before anybody starts asking, this applies to husbands/ men in the same way it applies to wives/ women.

  • There are important things to be a good wife

    Because i believe that good wife is not seen from how good she cook. But seen from hw she does her duties as a good wife for her husband, do duties at home neatly, organize household, taking care of children, be a good partner for family, and easy to talk such as discussing and solving problems together.

    Posted by: ruri
  • No more than a "good husband" should.

    The ability to cook should not depend on the gender of the partner. Gender roles are obsolete and outdated. It is helpful for both people in the marriage if both parties can cook, but I don't think it should be a deal breaker in any case. Many people eat meals outside of the home now.

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Skikx says2013-12-13T19:08:43.887
Why is everybody talking about mothers, children and family?
Wife simply means "married woman", it says nothing about children or family.