Should a guy go to jail for defending himself against a woman?

  • Yes he should.

    He should because he has no right to hit a woman. I dont care how bad she hurts him or how much she hits him. He should just take the beating. I remember when i punched my boyfriend in the face as hard as i could and he raised his hand at me, i said "hey you cant hit me, if you do, im calling the cops". He put his hand down after that. Listen ladies, if your beating your man, threaten him with calling the police so that he wont be tempted to defend himself because he should never put his hands on you.

  • Men are inherently dangerous

    Women are called the fairer sex for a reason, the only time a women will ever feel the need to hurt another human is when she feels antagonised by males. Unlike males we don't feel good for beating each other up, they literally live for hurting each other.

    Women are a lot weaker than men, it would be like beating up a helpless child. Men should just take it on the chin and apologise for whatever they did.

  • Yes he should.

    Because r9k is always right, normals need to realize how privileged women are nowadays. If the girl wants something, she will get it. If a man wants something it's technically rape. If a girl punches a man she's defending herself, if a guy punches a woman... That's rape, even he she started it.

  • Yes, he should.

    A woman is always right. A man should not hit a woman no matter what. Man deserve to be hit by women whenever they are being hit. They are suppose to take the beating. I have beaten many men in my life. Whoever retaliated, I made sure he went to jail.

  • No he shouldn't if he's defending himself.

    Those who are saying yes are stupid. Guys please defend yourself. Just because women are weaker than you are doesn't give you a license to hit a guy. Women have abused the privilege for men to hit back. Pretty soon she could kill you. I don't care if she's bigger or smaller than you are. This double standard really pisses me off. You can't have gender equality just when it's convenient for you.

  • Yes, but only because it's law.

    Obviously self-defense is necessary, and he should be charged with simple assault, though she should be charged with assault and battery. Even according to the Self Defense Law, he should be indicted as well. Not because he is a man, or because she is a woman, but because law is law. He can fight his case in court and more than likely, if he can prove it's self-defense, the he will get off with no lasting charges.

  • No if he is defending himself

    Don't force toxic masculinity more than it has to. If a guy was hurting a girl she can defend herself so why the hell can't a guy do the same. Double standards that's why. And I brought up toxic masculinity because that is the suck it up bullshit that people enforce on men to suck it up. We will not suck it up if you can't suck it up equality is more than the easy way out of punishment it is fairness.

  • You want to act like a man and be treated like a man, So be it.

    Women have been campaigning for "equality" since the 50s but they don't actually want unadulterated equality. They want the same rewards without the responsibility or accountability.

    If a woman uses force against a man, She has essentially signed the pain waiver. Her inherent special treatment for being female is no longer applicable and said man has every right to remind her exactly where she is on the "food chain. "

    The issue is proving that it was self-defense. I surmise that most, If not all domestic violence begins with the woman, She just loses and when our judicial system sees a "battered" woman, It doesn't matter what happened--his ass is going to jail. I do not advocate violence against women, But if there is proof that she was the problem and he did everything he could to get away, He should be immune to judicial punishment. A woman striking a man is like a man striking a police officer; you deserve everything you get. Can't take it, Don't rush it out, Princess.

  • All of you who actually answered yes (and all the replies within those responses that agreed) should be ashamed of yourselves

    It happens in polls like this all the time, but this one is especially disappointing because this poll doesn't mention hitting at all. It specifically says "defending himself against", nothing more, nothing less.

    First you traditionalists and conservatives insist on complementarianism (gender roles) that appear to prohibit male self-defense from women in any way, thereby denying their self-ownership/self-determination (done in part by assuming erection is consent). And in turn, you wonder why birthrates and marriage/relationship/sex/dating rates are falling.

    Then you modern liberals and feminists come by with your notions of male privilege and patriarchy (some of you insisting men can't be raped by women because of not being penetrated). Good thing there's sterilization to prevent men from impregnating the women that rape them.

    You're getting what you want, you people. Men are keeping their hands off women, in fact, some of them are just staying the hell away to avoid putting themselves in or ending up in situations where they could potentially be enslaved, raped (intercourse), sexually assaulted in other ways, murdered, non-sexually assaulted, etc. by women they can't legally (in theory they can, in practice..Well..There's people that think like you on the yes column) defend themselves against. Do you realize that by saying it should be illegal for men to defend themselves IN ANY WAY physically from women, you are effectively condemning men to be enslaved by women? This is worse than extinction, you jackasses...

    And you wonder why some men are MRA or MGTOW.

    Stop undermining male autonomy. Stop infecting the USA with your anti-individualist, anti-libertarian, and anti-egalitarian toxicity. Let the USA be the land of the free, for ALL sexes/genders.

  • It would depend on how badly he/she will get hurt by inaction

    So say you are going to work and then a man/woman has a knife a has intent in killing you at that point is does not matter about your gender what really matters is if you survive but let’s say that like they slapped you it hurts but it wil be fine but then if they are trying to put you in a coma then inaction is a bad idea

  • You Want Gender Equality? This Is A Part Of It.

    Gender equality isn't there only when you want it. A guy can defend himself against a guy anytime he wants, and since women are equal they should be under the same jurisdiction. All the bullshit about "women are weaker than men" is bullshit, I know many females who could kick my ass effortlessly even if I tried to fight them serious. Women are not exempt to the laws of men anymore, and that includes EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

  • No no no

    Why should men have to take a beating or abuse from women and do nothing?
    If a women attacks a man it's self defence to protect yourself and if a women is trying to be tough and be like a man that women deserves to be treated like a man and take a beating.
    I wouldn't take any abuse from a women or a man you will get treated the same. #Self defense

  • Everyone has the right to defend themselves

    Strength is irrelevant when it comes to self defence. The reason you defend yourself is to stop someone from hurting you. I can't stand the many idiots in the world that come out with that ridiculous line of 'women are weaker than men, so no matter what she does, you shouldn't hit her'. These same people have no problem with ten or more men beating up one man for so much as insulting them. The fact is it has never been about strength. Its because the western world thinks women are special and can do what they want to men. Which is why if a woman cheats on a bloke and he slaps her, everyone calls him scum and says 'no wonder she cheated, he's obviously an abuser'. Yet if a man cheats and she castrates him, people cheer, saying he deserved it and she's a hero. Imagine the reaction if a man mutilated a women's body for cheating. He's be called a monster

  • No No No

    Abuse is abuse! Abuse does not understand what sex a person is. Man or woman, my father taught me that if I’m willing to hit “anyone” they have the right to defend themselves and I also have the right to defend myself. They say women are not as strong as men. Well, I was a heavy lifter and wrestler and let me tell you, if I truly wanted to hurt a man I could. I’m so tired of women stating that they can dinwhat they want. They are humans are they not, only built of flesh and blood. To defend does not mean to attack or retaliate but just defend. My current boyfriend is recently in a court battle for defending himself and his girlfriends child. After trying to leave the situation while moving out she began hitting him and throwing things at him all while her daughter was attached to his leg. But because when running towards him he simply put his arm out to protect him and the child from the abuse he is the one going to court. When he put his arm out to push her back she fell and hit the porch on the way down and got a bruise and so she called the police. He was just trying to get away. After the fact she tried dropping the charges and admitted to coming after him but the state insisted on pursuing the matter. Even through everything she’d done to him he was still trying to protect the little girl from being ripped from her home and away from her mother and now he might serve time. I’m ashamed of what some of the women on here are saying. It’s ok for you to protect your self but not the man. What gives you the right to think your so entitled to be free from the law. Women like you ruin lives and you should all be punished accordingly and men who beat women should be punished. But a man pushing a woman away to defend himself and or a child is a hero. He didn’t even raise his hand to her to strike her in any manner and he may go to prison. Women start acting like ladies, use your words, walk away, respect yourselves and the men in your lives. If you feel the need to fight take a boxing class but leave your men out of it and get some counseling. And men I’m sorry that you are even put in a place where gender decides the outcome of whether or not you have the right to defend your life. You would think as far as we have come in society this would not be an issue. Don’t be ashamed of your situation. Call the cops on her and put her in jail for the animal she is. That is all I have to say.

  • Men should defend themselves

    There is a difference between defense and offense. In today's society there is a war on men and lack and much double standardization. If a woman hits a man she should be just a punished as if it were the other way around. Offense is attacking someone intencional regardless of race or gender. Defense on the other hand is fighting to keep yourself or others safe.

  • Really?????! WHY is this a discussion

    Feminist are taking over thinking that they can do just about everything and why should a man go to jail when a women beats him. It states in the law that everyone has equal right which means that man have the same right to defend themselves just like women . GET WITH THE TIMES

  • Stop crossing that line

    And stay in a women place, you know dam well you can't beat a man so why put him in a position to be fighting you. If a man is walking away allow him to do so, stop provoking him into hitting you. Women always trying to be the man and the women. Some of them discuss me especially the ones who manipulates the man and I'm sorry that there's no sign on women forehead to say beware I'm the idiot who will pick a fight with you so that you can hit me and go to jail. Men y'all just need to stop looking at a women body first before you see what kind of person she really is so that you guys won't get yourself into bull crap that would whine you in jail. Remember this when a woman start an argument and start pointing her finger in your face hurry up and get the hell away from her Please!!!!!!! And don't get back with her under no circumstances. She will be trouble all through the relationship. Arguing and pointing is a sign of manipulation, fighting and jail time for the man with a women. Stop putting yourself in a situation like that to do that time. Um!

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I think your header is a little misleading and she with you 100%