Should a homosexual pastor be allowed to lead a church?

Asked by: dnelms77
  • Of course, yes.

    Many people on the 'no' side seem to be forgetting how Christianity has changed throughout history. When I bring up the bigotry promoted by the Bible in a religion debate with religious people, they tell me I am citing old versus from the Old Testament, which is not followed, however in the /New/ Testament, that is the outline of the Christian faith. Following through with that logic, and following that content of such, we can perfectly clearly see what a Christian is supposed to look like based on the actions of the "son of god", Jesus Christ, whom the Christians follow [hence the 'christ' part].

    Jesus appears to be a Communist-esque, anti-rich "let's love one another", down-to-earth guy who just wants people to be happy and peaceful, to judge only ourselves and not one another. Which should be the substance of the religion since it has shifted gears.

  • Religion like everything else isn't static.

    It is constantly changing and evolving, so belief can change. People redefine the bible, things change subtly over time and what was the norm even ten years ago isn't in the next year. If people still took the bible word for word then we'd be in a much more sorry state than we are now.

  • Do you care more about your pride or saving people's souls?

    Everyone sins. The only way to receive forgiveness is to pray and ask Jesus for forgiveness. Who cares what sins those people commit? I don't. All I know is the current stance of most of the Christian community is one of hatred and intolerance - things that Jesus never stood for. This hatred and intolerance is dooming the souls of your fellow country(wo)men. The way for you to save more people is to be more inclusive and accepting of others. Can you put down your pride and follow Jesus?

  • Pastors are Human

    It is true that the Bible says that being gay is a sin. However, it goes on to say many things are sinful, including lusting a women out of marriage. Jesus is very clear that we are to never lust a women who is not our wife. How many guys do you know who have never broken that law of God? The Bible lists many many sins, all of which we have all committed and still to this day commit. In fact, everyone breaks the law of God all the time and pastors are no exception. Can you really claim that one sin is greater than another? God says that if you have broken His law, you are worthy of death. You are a sinner and the wages of sin is death. Therefore pastors everywhere do not hold up the law of God. A homosexual pastor is just as sinful as a heterosexual pastor because in both cases, they are human and are sinners and are in need of God's grace.

  • All sin is the same.

    If there is a pastor who struggles with homosexuality, what is the difference between him and someone who struggles with lying? If we don't let someone who struggles with homosexuality become a pastor, we shouldn't even have pastors. Everyone has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. However, if he doesn't get deep into the word, and someone else is better, then we can kick him out.

  • Can we really force someone not to do something based on their religious beliefs.

    The headline "can we really force someone not to do something based on their religious beliefs" is a spoof of the common argument against same sex marriage, and I think we can say that if you believe that a church has to right to tell a homosexual that they can't marry because it is against your religion and your religion is protected under the 1st amendment, then his\her right to lead a church should be protected under the 1st amendment as well.

  • He has the freedom to.

    Any man or woman have the right of religion, and if he wishes to become the pastor or is the pastor he has the complete legal right to do so within the constitution. Just because yours or others morals dislike it doesn't mean he shouldn't be allowed to lead a church

  • A pastor should be inline with his beliefs

    How is a gay pastor going to preach the message of God? The job of a pastor is to lead a church in to a place where God would look in favor. Think about new believers in Christ. How confused are they going to be when they have a pastor who gives a sermon that is against homosexuality, but is a homosexual himself. That pastor would have no credibility.

  • Read the book of Romans.

    Pastors, Deacons, Teachers, etc. positions in the church are held to higher standards in order to work in God's work, one should be Godly. Which means as Jesus told the Woman at the well,( she was saved an forgiven) Then Jesus said go and sin no more. Homosexuality is a sin and should by a saved individual not be practiced.

  • Pastors are meant to seek to be like Christ.

    Although many Christians sin, and no sin is greater than any other. How can a Pastor who is knowingly sinning be like our savior. I support gays in searching for their walk in our faith, and I will love and council them. But I cannot with a clear conscious believe that they can be in any sort of leadership position in a church that I am a member in.

  • All church history has taught that homosexual acts are a sin. All Jewish history has taught that homosexuality is a sin.

    All modern homosexualists and liberals disregard all church teachings for the last 2000 years. They disregard all Jewish teachings for the last 4,000 years. Look at what they teach themselves, that homosexual acts are praised by God - that abortion is an excellent choice for women that don't want children - that transgendered people are whatever sex they want to be - that all the anti-homosexual teachings in the Bible have been misinterpreted for the last 4,000 years. Read all social history of ancient Christian and Jewish times. Homosexual acts were considered a grave sin.

  • Leading People to Heaven or Hell? Eternal life or eternal damnation.

    Leaders have a moral obligation to the people to seek to find lost souls for Jesus Christ. We have yet to find the soul of the homosexual Ministry Preacher or Pastor. "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise." Proverbs 11:30

    Posted by: DC53
  • How is this going to work?

    The gay church pastor, the shepherd of the flock and follower of the Bible, is meeting with a church member to discuss this person's infidelity to their spouse. The gay pastor references Scripture that being unfaithful to your spouse is against God's will and is a sin. As that church member... During this meeting while sitting in front of the gay pastor's desk in his office looking at all his desk pictures of him and his partner...One obvious comment would be on my mind the entire time this gay pastor was rebuking my behavior with Bible teachings. "Uh pastor? As the leader and as a Christian example to the church, have you read the "entire" Bible"?

  • Shepherds need to follow God's Word

    Now I can talk about Christendom. Samelustdom, or homosexuality, was not made by God nor has God said that it was good. A Shepherd is to be a good leader to his church and by him being a sameluster, or gay, he is breaking God's Word and should not be leading a church for he would lead a church into evil.

  • Gods words are against it.

    Pastors are supposed to know the word of God more than anyone else in the church. They should obviously know that God didn't create a man to be with man, but for man to be with a woman. As pastors, they should know how God made him to be and follow His will.

  • The entire point of being a pastor is to uphold the teachings of the religion

    If the pastor is an openly gay person, then he committing many sins. He shouldn't be allowed to be a pastor whether the government likes it or not. The government is always telling the religious to keep religion out of itself. So why is the government no trying to get nosy and bother us.

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